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RC Overload: Ford Raptor Mini Monster Truck Crawling Adventure

The 1:16 Traxxas Summit is back at it again! With another Crawling adventure threw the woods! This time with a new set of Super Swamper Tires and a waterproof Savox steering servo! 

This is a completely custom one of a kind Traxxas Summit. It is currently running an Axial 27T Brushed motor, AE2 ESC, along with some 1.9″ Pro-Line Super Swamper Tires Stretched on a set of 2.2″ Pro-Line Wheels.

Today I discovered a new location, full of rocks, hills, boulders, and anything else imaginable for crawling! With the new setup on the Mini Monster Truck. I figured it be a great opportunity to try out the new location with this RC. Besides some minor problems with the steering not being 100% strong enough for the size of the wheels that are mounted to the truck….Everything else worked flawless.

If you want to see more on this truck feel free to check out the build series and other videos about this 1/16 Summit ( A.K.A -Project APEX)…

For more information on the products shown in this video click the links below!

Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body
Pro-Line Racing Super Swamper 1.9″ Tires
Pro-Line Racing Bead-loc 2.2″ Wheels