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Matthew Garcia at Hot Rod Hobbies with his Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck on Electrons

Hello Everyone! I had the privilege of attending the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout this year in Saugus Ca. I ended up entering myself into Pro 2 and Mod Truck. The Track was very smooth and free flowing and the traction was great initially. I had only one set of tires for my mod truck, which made things difficult for me.


My Pit spot was awesome! I got to see a lot of Top Drivers, I was close to the heat sheets and simply right in the middle of it all.


I Glued up some Pro-Line Electrons in the X2 Compound when the track was dry and they were hooked up. The traction was consistent and controllable and it kind of felt like cheating to me. I was able to get several runs on theses Tires with plenty of tread and grip left over. I absolutely fell in love with these Tires for blue groove conditions!


Here is a shot of the fresh tires all mounted up! I was super pumped on these Tires.


Here is a shot of my trucks after the first day of qualifying. Both trucks where dialed and my lap times were getting faster and faster. My confidence was starting to build but then something happened.


The track got soaked but the track crew got us up and running again. It took a lot of work form those guys and the effort was much appreciated.


I only had one set of tires for the entire race for my Stadium truck and it was tough for me. I ended up in the C main, but I had a great time driving so it was all good. Check out the Video.

After mod truck, I was ready for my short course final. I unfortunately did not get to race my last two qualifiers on account of rain so I tried my best to make it to the big show. Fortunately I had plenty of Tires for my Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT. After some testing I ended up going with Pro-Line Tazers on all four corners and I was pretty happy. Check out the Video.

Overall I had an amazing time at the HRH Shootout and it was an experience of a lifetime. My Venom Batteries served me well as they always do and my Pro-Line Tires performed phenomenally!

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line Vehicles and the KLA logo at the track.

Matthew Garcia

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