Factory Team

Gabe Galeano Wins at The Track on Pro-Line Primes


Wednesday Worlds Race at The Track Raceway

Had an awesome time running at The Track Raceway. It’s been a year since last time I raced here. Mimi the owner keep the track in prime shape with lot of traction.
Got the Win by a lap !!!

My RB6 was coming faster and faster every run.

The Prime M4 Pro-Line Tires with the FTM Grip Blue sauce where glue down to the track, keeping my car making faster laps.

In the 2nd Qual I made the record Fast Lap in the current layout.


Mimi keeps record of every race in and even have a board with the fasts times in every class.

The Pro-Line BullDog Body is awesome it keeps my car planted.

The Gens Ace Shorty LiPo have lot of punch through the entire race. And Orion electronic were very smooth from the start to the end of the race.

Thanks for your support !!!