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Elliott Boots TQ to Win at BRCA 1:8 Rallycross Nationals RD4 on Pro-Line Suppressors and Hole Shots


So up this weekend for us was our 4th Round of the Nitro 1:8 series, and this time we would be visiting Herts.

The weekend began early on Saturday, packing and loading the car and heading to the track for 7:30. Once at the track, we setup our pit area and finished off the car, with just Tyres left to decide one. After this was done, we took a quick walk of the track to see what lay ahead for the day.


Round 1: Onto first practice and we started with a base setup. We chose to fit a set of Pro-Line Suppressor in M4 compound for this practice with grip looking low. We hit the track and the car and tyres weren’t working as we expected. We finished the heat and headed back to the pits to make some changes.

Round 2:
We decided to go to Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 in M4, as this was the tyre we had ran here at the E-Buggy National and had worked well. We hit the track, and the tyres worked much better, but highlighted that the steering appeared to be a little vague in places. We headed back to the pits after the run and notice the servo saver had a little play so fitted a new one ready for qualifying.


One: So we headed into qualifying, fitting a new set of Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 in M4 once again. Hitting the track the car was working very well, generating great traction and working well over the bumps. We would head home in 1st place for our heat and would take the TQ for the round.

Round 2: With the temperature now rising a little we decide that we would raise the shock oils 2.5wt front and rear to cope with this. Keeping the rest of the car the same and a fresh set of
Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0. Putting in a nice clean run, we would once again take TQ for the round.

Round 3: For this round we kept everything the same as the car had been perfect. Once again with a fresh set of Pro-Line  Hole Shot 2.0 fitted we hit the track. Having a small mistake near the beginning of the run the rest of the run would be a case of making up the time. We would take 1st for our heat with one to follow. After the other heat had ran us and Neil Cragg got exactly the same time!!! And would both TQ the round

Round 4: Heading into the round we knew if we TQ’ed or Neil didn’t we would take TQ for the meeting. Getting the run underway, we suffered with traffic which would cost us time. We would end up taking 3rd in round, but Neil didn’t TQ so we took TQ for the meeting with a round still to go in the morning.

So we had the TQ for the meeting and the all important extra 3 points for taking TQ.

We then packed up and headed back to the house before heading out for a lovely meal, followed by an early night.


We awoke at 6:00am, greeted by a slightly dull looking morning and the threat of rain looming overhead, and in the weather forecasts.

Round 5: With TQ already ours we decided that we would test a different tyre for the last qualifier to help make our decision for the mains. We fitted a set of Pro-Line Diamond Back in X3, to see how these would work.
We hit the track and in the warm up laps the car and tyre combination looked to be working well. However just after starting the run something appeared to be wrong, every time coming off the throttle the car would slow very quickly. The run would not be good due to this. We got back to the pits, and a stone had wedged itself under the clutch bell!

the set about getting the car ready for the Semi final…………however they would never run. The heavens decided to open shortly after the first few finals had ran. The rain ended up that bad that the decision was taken on safety grounds to end the meeting.

This would mean we would take the win for the meeting due to being TQ. Not the way we ever want to win a meeting, but a win is a win!

We think we now head into the final round leading the championship.

Thanks as always to all our sponsors as without you we wouldn’t be where we
are: Kyosho, Pro-Line, Reds, Tekin, Byron, Sanwa, Bittydesign,
Maugraphix, LRP Batteries, SMD, Inside Line Racing, Rudebits, Ghea, Radio Race Car
International, RDRP, JC Racing, Racers Design Products, Muc-Off, CML Distribution.

Up next we head to Slough for the next round of the Truggy/E-Buggy Nationals. Till next time, enjoy!

Thanks for reading as always.

Team Boots

(Written by Liam Galvin – Mechanic)