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CJ Jelin at The Summer Indoor Nationals on Pro-Line Primes and Electrons


At this years Summer Indoor nationals was at Outback Raceway in Chico, California . The track had high traction all weekend long and tires were screeching around almost ever turn.

I used Pro-Line MC Electrons and MC Primes. on Buggy we used the Pro-Line Type-R Body

Friday was practice and at 5:00 pm was the seeding rounds.. In Wheeler I seeded in the fasted heat. In 2WD Mod Buggy I seeded in the third heat out of four and had some mistakes. Also in Mod Truck I was in the fastest heat and had a good run. Saturday was 3 rounds of qualifying and there was one more round on Sunday. The first round of wheeler I had a some crashes and finished top ten for the round.

Then Kevin took my 5.5 out and put in an 8.5, the track had too much traction and I was struggling with the power. In the first round of Mod Buggy, I had a solid run with a couple little mishaps, but finished just outside of top ten for the round.

The first round of Mod Truck I finished Sixth the truck was good we made a switch from tread to slicks and sauced them up with some hooked and that helped a ton.


In the second round of Wheeler i didn’t do so good because of driver error on my part and struggled getting use to the 8.5 motor. The second round of Mod Buggy I finished first in my heat and finished tenth for the round my Buggy was working great and could drive it how ever I wanted.. In Mod Truck round two I had a good run going and finished sixth. For round three they did a resort and I was in a slow heat in truck and wheeler and was in the second fast heat in Mod Buggy.

The third round I had a good run in each car.

The fourth round in Mod Buggy and Mod Truck were good, but in wheeler my motor came apart. Then in the truck A-Main my front body clips came off and made my truck hard to drive and I finished 8th. In the Mod Buggy A-Mains I started 8th and finished 7 overall, and had a good run in all the Mains. In the Wheeler Mains I started 9th and finished 5th overall, and had a good run in each Main.

I would like to thank my sponsors HPI Racing, Pro-Line, A-Main, Protek RC, VP Racing Fuels, and Hooked.

CJ Jelin