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RC Truck Stop: Pro-line Racing Destroyer 2.6″ Monster Truck Tire Review


When it comes to performance, nothing is as critical as tires. We tend to harp on this subject because it’s true and too important to risk being under appreciated. Take, for example, the 2015 No Limit R/C World Finals. Lack of traction. That was how the track was being described. Event goers weren’t talking to the Internet to describe the jumps or turns. Instead, the track reports were all about the slick conditions. And, to get right to the punchline, the winner used Pro-Line’s brand new Destroyer tires reviewed here. Considering how little traction the track was said to have, that’s about as good of an endorsement you can get for what the tire’s debut performance.


The Destroyer Tires are molded from Pro-Line’s proven M3 compound and built for maximum performance. With the classic V-shaped chevron forward-bite tread design, these tires are high traction and great for anyone looking for a alternative to the stock “Clod” tire. And, because of that tread design, they maintain realism. The tread is noticeably low and flat compared to other aftermarket tires that have taller, more scooped treads.


Pro-Line includes lightweight foam that works well with the M3 compound to accommodate plush landings and solid cornering. The fact that the tires require foam says a lot about them. Many Clod tires, such as the stockers, are stiff enough to not need foam for support. The width is essentially the same as the stock Clod tires, but the Destroyer’s are shorter.

The Destroyer tires are available for approximately $36 to $42 a pair, which puts them at the same price point as other aftermarket Clod tires.

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