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Jackson Jeffery at Midwest RC Tour on Pro-Line LockDowns

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This past weekend I attended the Midwest RC Tour in Monroe, Wisconsin.

There were 57 Pro Nitro Buggy entries.

On Friday practice my car felt great on Pro-Line Blockades in the X3 compound.

As Saturday qualifying rolled around the Track was starting to groove up and I knew Blockades were not going to be the best Tire, so I tried Diamondbacks also in the X3 compound in the first qualifier and it was pretty good.

I just could not get through lap traffic very well and it cost me the A-Main run. I talked to Pro-Line Teammate Collin Weatherholt and he decided he was going to try LockDowns in the X3 compound, and that I should try Blockades since the track was starting to blowout and break apart.

I watched his car and it looked amazing, my car was a little slick on the rear end in the corner and I ended up driving really good but did not know where my pace was going to put me. In the 3rd qualifier I tried LockDowns in the X3 compound and I put in an A-Main run, but they did qual points and I ended up last in the B since I had two decent first rounds. There was all the way down to a F-Main so I did not feel like I qualified too bad.

In the Main I got into a first lap pile up and ended up going into a marshaling blind spot and was nearly a lap down within the first minute. I put my head down and caught up to the pack and finished 5th in the Main and 13th out of 57 Pro Nitro Buggies.

I would like to say thank you for being behind me through it all, and for having the Best Tires on the market.

Thanks again,
Jackson Jeffery