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Matthew Garcia: My Pro-Line PRO-2 Stock Short Course Truck

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT Stock class racer.

I have spent some time getting this truck dialed in, and with some ideas of my own and some help from friends, I got this truck to perform the way I like it.


The truck is fast and nimble and rotates well in the corners. I have plenty of traction yet the right amount of push so that I do not traction roll.

This truck is bullet proof and has very low maintenance needs. I use the Pro-Line gear diff with 7k diff oil. I have about 30 batteries and 3 races through the transmission currently without ever opening it up and it is still performing great.

The shocks do need tending every 10 batteries but mostly it is just a oil top off. 32 1/2 wt associated oil in the front and 30 wt in the rear. The Pro-Spec Shocks are amazing and they help the truck jump really well.

I did do some upgrades to the shock towers and front top plate. They are Anza racing carbon fiber parts. They helped stiffen up the truck a lot and I find the the handling is more consistent.
I added a front aluminum bulkhead for a while, but I found that the Pro-Line plastic bulkhead performed a little better. The plastic has more flex and it doesn’t make the steering too aggressive.

I put on Lunsford turnbuckles for added durability and for the weight savings. Furthermore, I added all ceramic bearings for smoothness and less rotating mass. The bearings are also easily cleaned and end up saving you money in the long run.

I did change the rear axels to Traxxas telescoping axels part 6852x. The axels compensate for the change in shock position due to the shock tower upgrade.

I runPro-Line Suburbs in the front and Electrons in the rear, both in clay compound.  The tires last such a long time and they are almost always dialed for me. I just scrub them clean and add a little tire sauce to them.

I have noticed a big problem in stock racing lately. A lot of people buy these 300+ dollar chargers that can charge batteries and discharge them at 35 – 40 amps. Cycling the battery with the high amps gives the truck more punch and a little more top end. The catch 22 is that the batteries don’t have nearly as long of a lifetime when you cycle them with high amperage. Most spec class racers cant cant afford to spend lots of money on a charger set up that has the extra amps. Also, the batteries need to be replaced more often which is even more money. I honestly cant afford to get an edge like that, but what does help me reduce the advantage of high amp charging and discharging is using my Venom 4500 100c batteries. I charge my batteries with the Venom medion dual charger… nothing special.

Don’t take my word for it, look at this video of me racing my spec class short course against the 4WD guys. My truck has plenty of power to keep up.

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line vehicles and the KLA logo at the Track.

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