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Tom Schenck wins Stadium Truck at the Race for a Cure and used Pro-Line Blockades and Hole Shots


This weekend I attended the annual Race For A Cure at the Goshen Stampede. I love this event because you get so many spectators that you wouldn’t normally get at a race and because it helps support a great cause.


As for results. I was able to TQ  Mod buggy with my associated B5M running Blockades in the Rear and Hole Shot Fronts. After a bad start in the Main I was able to fight my way back up to 2nd. Giving fellow Pro-Line Teammate Tom Epting what he calls a “pressure free” win in Buggy.

As for Stadium Truck I was able to set the TQ in the 2nd round.  I then reset TQ in the 3rd round and was able to win the Main.

Tom Schenck