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The Pro-Line Prime Tires have been initially designed for hard packed indoor Off-Road tracks. Since their release the Primes have become a very popular choice among racers who are always looking for the little extra performance over the competition.

Unfortunately for me, there is no indoor track around here and the only way for me to run the Primes was to install them on my 2WD Buggy and to test them in a parking lot.

I have always liked to have few sets of onroad Tires for my Off-Road vehicles. Sometimes, it is fun to take my 2WD Buggy and make some high speed passes and wide turns into an empty parking lot. With their slick design, the Primes were the perfect candidates for my need for speed.

The Primes are available in standard (2.2”) or in VTR (2.4”) wheel sizes. As for the compound, the Primes are available in MC (clay) and M4 (super soft).

The Pro-Line High Performance Closed Cell Inserts are included with the Tires. For my test, I’ve decided to go with Primes VTR in M4 compound mounted on Pro-Line Velocity VTR White Dish Wheels. I’ll fast forward the mounting and gluing steps because, as expected, it was really easy to mount and to Glue the Tires to the Wheels.

With the Primes mounted on my 2WD Buggy and a fully charged LiPo pack, I’ve headed to an empty parking lot where I could run my buggy and where nobody would come and ask me the usual “How much does it cost?” and the famous “Can I try it?” questions. I just wanted to have fun with my new tires alone, sometimes, we all need to be alone :)

It didn’t take me long to realize that the Primes are also excellent tires for onroad duties. My 2WD Buggy had a good amount of on-power traction and the rear end was feeling really planted to the ground. High speed accelerations, tight cornering at any speed, no matter what I’ve tried, my buggy was always under control.

This is really amazing to have such control and traction at such speed :) On sections covered with light dirt and sand, the Pro-Line Primes did quite well.

Of course, the tires have lost traction a little bit more due to the loose dirt covering the asphalt but the buggy has always stayed easy to control. The small grooves in the tread greatly help when the surface loses traction.

Features :

  • Unique Tire Grooves for added traction
  • Rough Tread Surface for Quick Break In
  • Ideal for Tracks Where “slick” Tires are Fastest
  • Maximum Performance Right Out Of The Package
  • Includes Closed Cell Foam Inserts


Yes, the Pro-Line Primes are designed for Off-Road tracks but if you are like me and like to run your Off-Road buggy or truck in a more “onroad” style, the Primes are an excellent choice. They are now available for stadium trucks, 2WD and 4WD Buggies and Short Course Trucks.

My desire to run the Primes as onroad tires has gained in popularity, since I’ve started writing this review, Pro-Line Racing has posted many videos featuring the Primes outside the race track ;)

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