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Cory Craig’s PRO-2 / PRO-2 Slash LCG kit rear end mod for more grip.

with new driveshaft

What’s up fellow racers!? How many of you race on slick, dusty or unprepared tracks with a Pro-Line PRO-2 Truck or Buggy, Or even a Traxxas Slash with a Pro-Line LCG kit and struggle to get it hooked up? I know the local tracks I run on are low to medium grip on a good day, and grip is always hard to come by. So here is a mod I did to the rear of my PRO-2 that helped get it hooked up. This mod is completely reversible at any time. So if u do prefer the old setup, it will bolt right back on with no problems at all. The mod requires around $25 in parts and takes less than an hour to do. Not only that, but it also will give you, as a racer, more setup adjustment and range and allow you to make these adjustments faster. Sound appealing?? Then let’s get started!

Here is what you will need:

  • Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck/Buggy, PRO-MT or Slash with the Pro-Line PRO-2 LCG kit
  • Dremel tool or a file
  • Traxxas part numbers:
    • 6852x (2 of these they do not come as pairs)
    • 2798A (if you did the conversion from a slash you may already have something similar, but these add 1 degree of rear toe).

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Remove the Tranny and rear end of the chassis.

empty rear end

Step 2: Use a file or a dremel tool to grind the chassis away about 1-1.5mm to allow the 2798A to align with the holes the old pivot support occupied. I also had to trim some material away above and below the mounting holes so the arms have room to move freely on the hingepin.

Before area to trim After rearchassistrimmed

Step 3: Before you install Traxxas part 2798A on the chassis you will need to trim the front part down ( see pic ) so the front transmission mount ears will mount flush to it.

ATTENTION: The holders ARE DIRECTIONAL, and they actually go on BACKWARDS from the markings molded on them to achieve the proper +1 rear toe. So with the FLAT SIDE DOWN, the L1 will go on the RIGHT and the R1 will go on the LEFT. I found this out the hard way and ended up having to trim my blocks down on both sides and re mark them correctly so I wouldn’t get any more confused :P. So in the pics of them installed, you will see that i have a nut on the back screw to help hold it tight. If you trim the correct way ( like the pics below ), the holder will not need a nut.

rearholder trimmedrear holder and pro2 rear pivotrear holder and pro2 rear pivot closeup

Step 4: Reinstall the tranny like normal.


Step 5: Remove the stock CVDs from the hubs and outdrives. Then install the Traxxas 6852x telescopic driveshaft’s and yoke in its place.

with new driveshaft

Step 6: Reconnect camber link, re-adjust camber, and re-set ride height

That’s all there is to it. A quick, cost effective mod to help get your Pro-Line PRO-2 dialed into the winners circle!

Some facts to know:

The stock CVD driveshaft’s are too long after you complete the mod, which is why the telescopic ones are needed. (PRO-2 vehicles only )

The stock PRO2 pivot support can use either the telescopic HD shafts or the CVD Pro-Line ones.

This mod will add 1* of rear toe-in at the arms and also narrows the rear end up 1-1.5mm per side. Traxxas and other companies offer holders in 0-2* of toe

It also reduces the ant squat to zero, but but with a little more trimming, it can become adjustable in 1* increments up to 2* max by placing  washers under the suspension holders where the front screw goes through. 1 washer = 1* of anti squat. Can also add washers in the rear for Pro squat.

This is completely backwards compatible. You can reinstall the original parts with no ill effects.

Cory Craig