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Pro-Line Transformation: Axial Wraith KOH Rock Racer Edition!


The Axial Racing Wraith has become one of the main stays in the RC Scale / Crawler market spawning a countless hoard of aftermarket part goodness. You can take a main stream Wraith and turn it into something extraordinary. Our original Wraith is no exception. It has been around the shop since 2011 dawning many of Pro-Line Racing’s Rock Crawling and Scale Accessories – visiting many trade shows over the past years. With such rich history and great service, an update of epic proportions is well deserved.  So join us as we give our Wraith an Extreme Makeover.

The inspiration for this make over came from the ever increasingly Popular King of the Hammers / Ultra 4 events which features custom tube chassis trucks which must have a number of characteristics to win, let alone survive the race and course. If you have never seen a King of the Hammers Event, check it out, you will not be disappointed.


In planning the build, I wanted to make some major changes to the trucks roll cage appearance. For this task, we contacted BGR Fabrications and Welding. They hand craft a number of different custom cage parts, bumpers, shock towers and rock sliders for numerous Axial Racing vehicle models.  The parts are very easy to install, with little to no modifications needed and best of all they look awesome on the truck.


Our #3380-00 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body was selected for the build. It was custom painted in this Red / White and Blue theme by Rugspin Graphix. The body was custom trimmed to fit over the modified Wraith Cage with the BGR Fabrication Parts.


For tires the new 10115-14 2.2” Flat Iron XL Tires were selected and the Stock Foams replaced with our #6172-00 2.2” Oversize 2-Stage Crawler Memory Foams. The tires were mounted up to a set of our #2756-15 Faultline 2.2” Black/Black Bead-Loc Wheels. The Bead-Loc Rings were painted Red using Brake Caliper Paint that you can find at most Auto Parts Stores. Jung Fac J51032 +13mm 2.2 Wheel Spacers are used on this vehicle to achieve a slightly wider stance and better tire clearance.


The stock axles were swapped out for a pair of the Vanquish Products Currie Aluminum Axles  Stage 1 Kit, VVD V1 Front Axles and Titanium Steering and Suspension Link sets. Junfac J90034 hardened steel drive shafts connects the Currie Axles firmly to the Wraiths transmission.


The Powerstroke shocks we previously had on the truck were upgraded to the newer #6308-31 Pro-Spec Rear Shocks. These units are about the same length as the stock shocks and I went with these because I like a little more travel. You can also use the shorter #6308-30 versions for a shorter stroke and a lower profile.


A Tekin ROC412 3100KV Crawler Motor was added and connected to a Holmes Hobbies BLE-PRO Waterproof Speed controller to supply the power. The interior / driver set from a Wraith Spawn added to update the cockpits look. The waterproof speed controller / receiver mounting it to the underside of the interior tray.


The stock Battery Tray was cut in half and re-located to just in front of the cowl area for better weight distribution. This puts the battery on end length wise running side to side from left to right.

The exterior of the vehicle was finished up by making a rear package tray cover for Evergreen plasticScale Crawler Accessories Sets #6105-00, and  6045-00 were used to finish off the scale look and a Radiator / fan plastic parts tree from the Axial EXO kit was used to add Radiator detail just behind the cockpit seating.


That pretty much gets us to where we are at now as you see it. I still have plans to add a winch and complete some further detailing by adding hoses to the Fuel cell, and other detail items.


I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did building this truck. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineracing.com

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Build Parts List:


#3380-00 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body

#10115-14 Flat Iron XL 2.2” G8 Rock Terrain Tires (2x)

#2756-15 Faultline 2.2” Black/Black Bead Loc Wheels (2x)

#6172-00 2.2” Oversize 2-Stage Rock Crawling Memory Foams (2x)

#6045 Scale Accessories Assortment #2

#6105-00 Scale Accessories Assortment #8

#6308-31 Pro-Spec Rear Shocks

Axial Racing

Wraith Spawn – Drivers interior Set

EXO Kit- Radiator parts tree Set

BGR Fabrications

KOH Cage w/ V2 Rear Bumper

Wraith Stinger Front Bumper (Custom Build to Specifications)

Rock Sliders

Front Shock Tower

Rear Shock Tower

Holmes Hobbies

BLE-PRO-WP Trail Master BLE Speed Controller – Sensored


J51032 +13mm 2.2″ Wheel Wideners

J90034 Hardened Drive shafts (2x)


ROC412 3100KV Brushless Crawler Motor

Vanquish Products – Wraith

Currie Axle – Front

Currie Axle –Rear

10PC 3/16 Titanium Link Set

Stage One Kit (Less Rear Axle Tubes)

VVD V1-HD Front Axle Set