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Mackanick’s Double Up at The Tiltyard for the ROAR Region 2 Series on Pro-Line LockDowns


This past weekend, Saturday June 13th, we made the two hour and thirty minute drive south to Dayton, VA for the ROAR Region 2 Series at The Tiltyard. The event was well attended with around 120 entries.  Unlike the previous weekend, the temperatures would turn to the scorching nineties with high humidity.   Ethan ran the 1:8 Nitro Buggy class for the event which had 30 entries.   Ethans equipment for the event included his MBX7R Nitro BuggyPro-Line M3 compound LockDown Tires with an O.S. Speed B2101 nitro engine. Jason, his father, entered into the 1:8 E-Truggy division with a Tekno ET48 powered by Tekin Electronics RX8 Gen2 electronic speed control paired up to a Tekin T8 2000 electric motor and Pro-Line M3 compound Suppressors.  Additional Pro-Line Team Drivers at the event included Anthony Mazzara, Steve Graham, Brian Roeder, and Brian Miskolczi.

Tire selection for the Nitro Buggy was not a problem.  For dry clay tracks, our older fall back Tire was always the Pro-line Blockade.  We have since replaced this mentality with the Pro-Line LockDown Tires for these tracks.  I would also try out the Pro-line Blockade on the Truggy for the first round of qualifying.    The uneven surface from the treads left from a track type skid steer would cause the tires to become too twitchy in the first round.  The 2nd round of qualifying I decided to switch to the Suppressors on the Truggy which seemed to handle the rutted/rough conditions better.    Ethan (aka E Mack) would put his Pro-Line equipped buggy on the number four starting spot in the 30 minute A-main feature after two solid qualifying runs.  With the better run on my 2nd round of qualifying in the 1:8 Electric Truck class, I would sit on the number two starting position for the double A-Main features.


The high humidity brought out rain showers through out the day.  Ethan would run his A-main feature and finish the endurance battle with 2nd place overall for the weekend.  About half way through the race program, the skies began to open and rain began to descend too much to be able to maintain the  track in suitable racing conditions and the rest of the Mains had to be cancelled due to weather.  Finishing positions of the Electric Truggy division would have to be based on the qualifying order which placed myself on the number two podium spot.


Thanks to Pro-Line and LCRC Hobbies (host of the 2015 ROAR 1:8th Electric Nationals)  for their continued support in providing the best equipment to put E-Mack into the features.  Next weekend we will be off to the 2nd round of the PA Tri-County Summer Sizzler Series at Hobby Hut raceway in Norristown, PA.