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Kevin McCoy Charges Em Up at FRC with a Win on Pro-Line Hole Shots

DSC_0364 DSC_0368

This was a very stressful day of racing but it was still great hanging out with friends doing what I love.

The layout was deceptively difficult and the far left section gave me real trouble all day. The layout was pretty tough on the cars too. Even some of my Tekno parts didn’t handle the abuse.

In E-Truggy I had a rough time qualifying but still managed to start 2nd.
Isaac Clapp put up a good fight but I finished 1st overall. I ran M3 Hole Shots all weekend.

In Pro E-Buggy I qualified 2nd and finished 3rd. Through the triple A-Mains there were a lot of position changes as everyone struggled with the track. I feel good about where I finished but the car was capable of more.

I mostly ran M3 Hole Shot 2.0s, but switched to M3 Blockades which made the car a little more forgiving.
Overall it was still a good weekend and even though the track was tough, once you got adjusted it was fun.


I appreciate the guys at FRC that built the track: Charlie Mac, Richard Harris, Kris Harris, and Bubba Barham, along with everyone else that made this even possible!

– Kevin McCoy