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Devin Chesney Runs for the Money on Pro-Line Hole Shots

Date: June 6th
Event: Run for the Money
Track: Willow Farm RC Raceway
Race Setup: 3 rounds of qualifying, with single 10-min A-Mains, winner of the E-Buggy A-Main gets to split a $500 purse

Classes raced: 4×4 Short Course, 1:8 E-Buggy

Practice: So arriving at the track for the first time was kind of scary for us. Being that it has been very rainy and wet all week the track was not very good looking as there was no groove or line (loamy). So we got all set up under a tent and I threw on some Tires to go run and get it dried out a little for everyone since nobody else would ha ha. And I must say this practice with both of my cars was to learn the Track layout more than anything.

Pro-Line Equipment Used:
Buggy- X3 Hole Shots , Velocity Wheels, Pro-Line Wheel Nuts,
SCT – M4 Suburbs, F-11 White Wheels, EVO SC Body

(Round 1)
E-Buggy – the first round was somewhat a throw up because I made a change to my Buggy due to the track conditions changing and I must say my car felt good but I had no traction at all. So after making it through the run with what I could, I ended up 3rd overall.
SCT – same as the Buggy, it was somewhat of a toss up on tires and setup as I finished overall in 3rd place.
(Round 2)
E-Buggy – After the track drying out I tried a different Tire and kept my setup the same. I went out and now I had the right Tire but my setup needed some work. So I kept my overall spot in 3rd.
SCT – I decided to run the same setup and tires on my truck as round 1 to see if the track conditions would work and it turned out pretty well. My truck was flying over the jumps super easy and taking corners great! But I need more traction.
(Round 3) ***this was the round***
E-Buggy and SCT – as said above, this was the round for me, both of my cars were so dialed. My SCT I pushed my way up to 1st to start the Main and in Buggy I was just off a TQ run and then made a mistake and lost the pace falling back to 3rd again. But both cars were ready for battle!!!

Mains –
E-Buggy – in the Main I started in 3rd, after the race started the first lap came around and I fell back to dead last after getting a section wrong and getting jumped on… but I knew my Buggy was fast so I put my head into it and started pushing, and pushing and eventually noticed I was working through traffic as fast and eventually faster than the leader… Then I made it up to a battle for second with Tekno teammate Chad Rolland, and then as time ticked down I was so close to the leader but just ran out of time. If I would have had another minute or if I would have not got that section wrong on the first lap, I would have been ok and could have won it.

SCT – in SCT I started in first and my goal was to just run smooth and stay super consistent on the small track. All throughout the race was battled hard with Jeremy McGuigan  (Tekno teammate) and ended out on top!

20150606_162250 20150606_162343

Overall – super fun weekend and will definitely go back! I got to meet the winner in E-Buggy as well named Brandon Marsh. Super cool guy!!

Thank you Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Carpy’s, RCSCREWZ, and PT Racing Oils. For the continued support.

Thank you,

Devin Chesney