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Michael Webb Q2 Update

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Spring Sting Myrtle Beach SC
Pro E-Buggy 4/11/15 6th in the first A-Main
Pro Nitro Buggy 4/11/15 10th A-Main

E-buggy was good just a mistake or 2 to would drop you way down. The main started and 2 corners in I was dead last. We managed to make our way back to 6th. Didn’t stay to run the last A-Main.

Pro Buggy was good we just made a wrong Tire Choice 15-minutes into a 30-minute race the buggy wasn’t running on pace. After the last pit stop I broke a Wing button and the Wing came loose and made it that much harder to drive. All I wanted after that was to just finish the race.

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King RC Pro Buggy 5/2/15 3rd A-Main
Buggy was really good just had a few problems to start the main. Made up a 15-second gap to the leaders but ran out of time.

King RC E-Buggy 5/2/15 4th A-Main
They had around 50 entries in E-Buggy. A 135 total entries for a club race.

Phatbottom York SC
Pro Buggy TQED 5/30/15 2nd A-Main
E-Buggy 5/30/15 2nd A-Main

Won the first of 2 A-Main. The second main I got beat up pretty bad and had to come from the back to finish 3rd and that gave me a 2nd overall finish.

King RC Pro Buggy 6/6/15 10th A-Main
Well the buggy was awesome today. Started 3rd and we got a clean start for once and battled for the lead for 7-minutes. Came in to the pits for my first stop and it flamed out. The top 3 had managed to pull out about a 15 sec lead over 4th so I didn’t lose to much ground on fourth. Ended up getting back to 3rd before my 2nd stop. That stop went well and a few minutes after that it quit on the track. I think I landed just right on a rock. Sometimes you just don’t have the luck.

King RC E-Buggy 6/6/15 9th A-Main
The Buggy was ok thought I should have went with a M3 instead of a X3. My E-Buggy has always been a little more on the free side. Car was hard to drive but it was fast. I came from 9th to 2nd about half way through. Everyone was very close. Ended up getting tangled on the last lap to finish 9th. The whole field finished on the same lap except the leader and he barley got the next lap.