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Elliott Boots With Double Wins at SRS RD 1 on Pro-Line Suppresors


Sunday and it was time to get the SRS Series underway with Round One at Sloughs all new layout track.

We awoke at 6 and took a look out the window and were greeted with rain, not ideal but hoped getting to the track it would be a little different.

We arrived at the track shortly after 7:30 and to our surprise the track looked in very good condition, the rain had been needed according to the track builders. The new layout looked great and we hoped the weather would stay dry and allow for a great day of running, it had other ideas however…

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Round 1 of Qualifying, we decided that we would run both Nitro and E-Buggy for the extra track time, and practice for the Nationals later in the year.

We were out first with E-Buggy, hit the track but part way through the run the heavens opened and the track quickly became very wet! We chose to stop the car and save damaging anything due to the standing water. Shortly after the heat had ended the rain disappeared and the track began to dry a little.

Up next was Nitro, we got onto the now slowly drying track and set off. The car preformed great and guided us to TQ for the round by a good margin over second.

Round 2:

The heavens opened before the round began, leaving standing water on the surface. We decided to sit the round out and protect all our equipment, not wanting to cause damage.

Round 3:

The track was now drying and a dry line was starting to appear on track.

First up was E-Buggy, hitting the track for the first full run with the car, the pace was excellent and gave us TQ for the round. We would line up 5th on the gird for the 15-min main.

Nitro Buggy – The track now had a dry line and we decided to try out the new Pro-Line Suppressor.

The car, engine and Tyre combination worked perfectly and gave us TQ for the round, 11-seconds ahead of second! TQ’ing the meeting to start on pole for the 20-minute Main.


E-Buggy: The main got underway, starting 5th, putting a couple of great passes in we were into the lead on the first lap, and kept there for the race. Bringing out Tekin powered Kyosho MP9 TKI3E home to take the win.

Nitro: We decided to try a different compound of the Pro-Line Suppressor for the Main. The Main got off to a start with Tony staying close during the start. We then began to build a gap, the different compound working really well! Keeping out front all race long, pitting at 7:30 as we hadn’t ran in these conditions so economy would have changed and didn’t want to risk 10-mins. Our REDS R5T V2.0/Byron powered Kyosho MP9 TKI3 performing perfectly to bring home the second victory of the weekend.

A perfect result after the weather had looked like it would be against us. A good day testing ready for later in the year and the National rounds at Slough.

Thanks as always to all our sponsors as without you we wouldn’t be where we are:
Kyosho, Pro-Line, Tekin, Reds, Byron, Sanwa, Bittydesign, Maugraphix, LRP Batteries, SMD, Inside Line Racing, Ghea, Radio Race Car International, RDRP, JC Racing, Racers Design Products, Muc-Off.

Next up for us is Wakefield for Truggy/E-Buggy Round 3 this weekend, and with the arrival of the new Kyosho ST-RR Evo 2 we will be running in both classes.

Thanks for reading.

Team Boots