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RC Overload – Pro-Line Racing FaultLine 2.2″ Bead-loc 6Lug Wheels for Yeti

Take a look at Pro-Line Racing’s FaultLine 2.2″ 6 Lug Bead-Loc Wheel for the Axial Yeti and the Wraith sized Wheels.

Pro-Line Racing has come up with their very own Rim for any vehicle that uses 6 lug hub adapters. This Bead lock rims utilizes both plastic and aluminum parts to hold the tires bead to the rim! The front bead is made out of aluminum and is bolted down by 12 screws that hold is securely to the rest of the rim. The rest of the rims body is broken down into 2 parts the inner and outer portion of the bead lock, witch clamps down the other half of the tires bead on the back side. 

Now this rim also has two breather wholes on opposite side of one another, to allow more flex from the tire itself when going over different obstacles and different types of terrain. To some this may be a burden, because of the chance, water may enter the inside of the tire causing performance issues. however there are hundreds of different ways to seal up the breather hole, permanently or even temporarily.

I’m pretty stoked to give these rims a shot on the Yeti soon and see what they’re all about!

For more information on these Wheels and the Tire that you saw in the video feel free to click the links below!

FaultLine 2.2″ Bead-loc 6 Lug Wheels
Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 2.2″ tires

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