Friends of Pro-Line / Race Events

Charlie Suangka and the Sonoma County Scalers using Pro-Line Performance Parts


Sonoma County Scalers officially started hosting Scale Rock Crawling competitions in late 2011, and early 2012. Bringing friendly and fun to drive courses, that are challenging for the veterans, and doable for the first timers. The biggest draw for us has been the Fun First factor of not only the courses, but the scale crawling enthusiasts that join us every 2nd Sunday of the Month. We are not going try to claim that the awesome Sponsor Raffle we have every month does not draw a crowd, and we could not host these events with out the help of one of our series founding sponsors, Pro-Line Racing.

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Pro-Line has been on-board from day 1 of the Sonoma County Scalers as not only a sponsor, but a regular logo and product on almost all the rigs we see on trail. It was natural for us to reach out to Pro-Line and they support us year after year.

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As we move into our 4th year of 2nd Sunday Scale Adventuring, we look forward to sharing the RC Awesome that is Pro-Line and everything Pro-Line does for RC!

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It’s not easy to find awesome product that you can confidently recommend to new comers, and veterans, but Pro-Line fills that need with ease.

– Charlie