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Pro-Line Team Wins 5 Mod Classes at JBRL San Diego!

PRO-2 Turner Dunford Gilbert


The Pro-Line Team dominated the highly contested JBRL Round 3 at SDRC in San Diego using MC compound Electrons to have wheelie popping traction around the fun indoor clay layout.

Pro-Line’s Cody Turner took the TQ and Win in the PRO-2 SC class using Pro-Line’s own PRO-2 SC Truck! The Pro-Line team also swept the podium with Ryan Dunford in 2nd and Matt Gilbert in 3rd all on Pro-Line Electrons! Great job guys!


4wd Cody Turner Ryan Dunford


Pro-Line’s Cody Turner also took home the TQ and Win in Mod 4wd buggy after a good battle with Kevin Motter. Pro-Line’s Ryan Dunford finished in 3rd. Cody used Pro-Line Electron Buggy tires Front and Rear and the B44.3 Phantom Body to take him to Victory! Great job Cody on taking 2 class wins!


PRO-4 David Jenson


Pro-Line’s David Jenson drove his SCTE 4×4 SC to Victory in the PRO-4 SC class on Pro-Line Electrons! Awesome race to watch. Great job David!!


Mod Truck Jake Mayo Shawn Blackwell


Pro-Line debuted the brand new Stadium Truck Electrons at this race and took home 1st and 2nd with Jake Mayo and Shawn Blackwell!! All the drivers commented how great they were right out of the package and they only got better and faster! Get your own set of Electron Truck Tires now because they are destined to become the new standard in Stadium Truck Racing!


1-8 Buggy David Jenson


Pro-Line’s David Jenson chose 1/8 Buggy Electrons for the long 10-minute Buggy Main and he needed every bit of traction to run down and pass the points leader and take home the Victory! Incredible job David taking 2 class wins!


2wd Blackwell 2nd


Pro-Line’s Shawn Blackwell finished a close 2nd in Mod 2wd Buggy using Electron Buggy Tires. Shawn had the speed to contest for the Victory but the triple got him a few times. Great job Shawn!


Stock SC Kyle Hidalgo


Kyle Hidalgo chose Pro-Line Short Course Electrons for his Stock SC truck and took the Win!  Great job Kyle!

It was a great weekend for the Pro-Line team and we have to thank Scott Bergen of SDRC and Jimmy Babcock and the whole JBRL team for such a fun and smooth event. The new SDRC Raceway is a World Class facility, so make sure you go and check it out!

Next up is JBRL at OCRC Raceway!