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RC Network: D413 Running video featuring Pro-Line Type-R body, Wheels Tires and Trifecta Wing

Well, after installing some great upgrades on my Hot Bodies D413 from Avid, Exotek Racing and Hot Bodies, it was time to drive this beauty! This was a new layout at the famous OCRC and I was still fine tuning the D413 so it was still a bit loose. Big thanks to my buddy Derek for capturing some great footage to share at The RCNetwork!

Pro-Line Products Used:

Type-R Body
Velocity Wheels [F] #2754 [R] #2749
Suburbs MC (Clay) 2.4″ VTR Rear
Transistor MC (Clay) 2.4″ VTR Front
Trifecta Wing

I am running a Tekin RSX ESC, Tekin Redline Gen 2 6.5t sensored motor, 24t pinion, Team Orion 1605 Speed Servo and Team Orion Carbon Pro 90c Shorty Lipos