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Mason Eppley at NCSOS RD1 on Pro-Line Blockades

N.C.S.O.S Round 1, Silver Dollar Raceway, Chico, CA, 5-9-15


It was that time of year again, the second annual Northern California Southern Oregon Series. This would be the first round of a three round 1:8 points series covering Silver Dollar Raceway, Crown Raceway and my home track Rattlesnake Raceway. The fastest drivers throughout Northern California and Oregon would be in attendance!

Pro-Line Products Used:
Pro-Line NT48 Enforcer Body
Pro-Line EB48.2 Phantom Body
Pro-Line Trifecta Wings
Pro-Line X3 Blockades

My Pro-Line X3 Blockades were definitely the Tires of choice for everyone. They made my cars some of the fastest on the track!

I arrived at the track around 5pm Friday evening, the track looked amazing as always and I was pretty excited to run on it. I got around 2 hours of practice that night with all three of my cars; I got really comfortable with my cars and the track. I felt confident going into Saturday.

I decided to run all three of my Tekno cars this weekend, my NT48, NB48, and my EB48.2.
They would run three qualifiers and a main for each class, double 10-minute A-Mains for electric. Pro E-Buggy would be the first qualifier up for me. I had a pretty horrible start when I crashed coming onto the straight costing me about 15-seconds. I was able to be smooth and not make anymore mistakes for the rest of the qualifier, finishing second for the round out of a field of more than twenty drivers. I felt great going into Nitro Buggy, unfortunately in the middle of my qualifier I came down really awkward on the right front snapping my steering post in half. I did not have the part I needed and this ended my day early in nitro buggy. Pro Nitro Truggy would be the last race of the qualifier for me; I had a blazing fast run and would take the TQ for the round. Round two would soon start, I would have another good run in E-Buggy but this time I would finish third for the round. I would once again TQ Pro Nitro Truggy taking the overall TQ heading into the main. It would come down to the third round of E-Buggy to determine the overall TQ. Before the qualifier I made a small anti-squat change. I would take the TQ for the round over Austin Blair on the last lap making it a tie for TQ between me and Blair. He would win the tiebreaker as I would have to settle for second on the grid going into the double A-Mains.

After cleaning and refreshing my cars, I was ready for the main events. The Pro E-Buggy Mains were first for me. In A1 I would get taken out on the second corner putting me into dead last, I was able to make a late race charge on the last lap getting into third but my battery dumped on the second to last corner as I would get a disappointing fourth in A1. In A2 I Luckily didn’t get taken out, I would cruise in the second position right behind Austin Blair for the entire race, on the second to last lap he went wide at the end of the straightaway and I made the tight inside pass and was able to hold onto the lead for the last couple of laps taking A2. Because of my poor finish in A1 I would finish overall in the second position.

In Pro Nitro Truggy, I would be gone in the first couple of laps, I was on pace to lap second place. With about 7-minutes left to go my glow plug in my engine decided to go out causing my motor to flame out. Unfortunately I would finish in the fourth position.

I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped but I still had a ton of fun with some great friends to go along with a lot of great racing that I won’t forget.

I would love to thank all of my awesome sponsors for all their help and continued support, Tekno RC, Pro-Line, DE Racing, Airtronics, Schelle, Tekin, Byron Fuels, Reds Airbrush Design, and All Around RC!

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Mason Eppley