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Good Start To The Outdoor Season for the PRO-2M

The winter indoor season has come to a close and it’s time to go back outdoors. For me that means going back to one of my favorite outdoor tracks Pit Stop Hobbies in Mount Joy, PA. It’s a fun atmosphere and plenty of great competition.

For those that don’t know what what a PRO-2M is here is a link. It is a mid motor conversion of the PRO-2 SC.

At first I was skeptical to run the PRO-2M outdoors. That is until I took it out to a practice session and it was a complete beast on the outdoor track.

The first outdoor race of the season (4/17/2015) was a test and tune night to give the new LiveRC software a trial run and so we can shake down our trucks. I ran the Holeshot M4s during the day since the track gets a light dusting on it. As the sun goes down the traction goes up so I switched to Electron M4s.

The truck felt like it was velcro’d to the track with the Electron M4s mounted up. I was able to take the TQ and the win.


The next race was the season opener race (4/24/2015). Once again the Pro-2M was dialed. I got to race with fellow Pro-Line teammate Brian Roeder. My one and a half years of racing couldn’t match the skills of this seasoned vet. He schooled me on how consistency wins the race and I graciously took a second place finish behind him. I look forward to racing with him again.

2015-04-24-Round3-Race3-A_Main-2wd_Mod_Sct(1) 2015-04-24-Round3-Race3-A_Main-2wd_Mod_Sct(2)

The third race was a club race at Pit Stop Hobbies (5/01/2015). Once again I went with the Holeshot M4s during the day and the Electron M4s.

I was able to TQ and get the win again.

2015-05-01-Round4-Race4-A_Main-2wd_Mod_Sct(1) 2015-05-01-Round4-Race4-A_Main-2wd_Mod_Sct(2)

The Pro-2M feels right at home outdoors. I look forward to racing with it the rest of the outdoor season.

Click here for the setup sheet I used

I’d like to especially thank my sponsors whom supported my crazy addiction to this hobby. Pro-Line, Viper RC, Xpert RC, Boca Bearings, and The Hidden Hangar Hobbies.