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RCPatrol: Project Yeti X featuring Pro-Line Badlands Tires and Desperado Wheels


Dave at Radio Control Patrol here with an update on the Yeti X project
After several days of testing and tuning the Yeti X made it through a succesful session today. 3s Lipo was pumped to the +Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2 inside and performance was on tap like none other. A 1:8 motor in a 1:10 Yeti is major overkill, but the fun factor is off the charts.


Tires are Pro-Line Racing 3.8″ Badlands with Desperado 1/2″ offset Wheels on the Rear and on the Front are 2.8″ Badlands with Desperados for Stampede Front.( For an even fit with the rear width.)

To be able to run the smaller Wheels and Tires up front I chose to free up the front diff of it’s duty and run the rig in 2WD. That’s a locked rear end and independent front suspension, which makes it handle like a hot rod! 🙂 With all the torque of the 2650kv motor there still was no taming the rear tires from spinning even with punch control on 50%.:) Much more tuning to do and a center pumpkin rear coming soon. Thanks for viewing.


I will write up more on this adventure on the blog, but for now here are some photos from the test run
Robinson Racing Gen3 Slipper setup and spur as well as their output and idler gears. They work like a charm as well. 🙂