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Brian Roeder Wins Mod Pro2 SCT at Pit Stop Hobbies Opening Day with Hole Shots


Pit Stop Hobbies opening day I was running 2WD Mod Buggy and 2WD Mod SCT.

The weather was cold for April, but the track layout was pretty good.

The track was dry and I ran M3 Hole Shots and Pro-Line EVO Body on my SCT. The truck felt pretty good but needed some changes, then it got a lot better. Knowing that the track would be watered and would stay wet for the night I stuck with this combo.

In 2WD Mod Buggy I used Pro-Line M3 Square Fuzzie Rear and M3 IONs Front and my car was really good so I left it this way for Q1.

While I was pretty happy with the results after the first round leaving the SCT setup alone, I decided to go with M3 Electrons on the rear of the 2WD for Q2 and Mains.

I TQ’d SCT and qualified 4th in Buggy.

In the Mains I got out front in SCT and held onto the lead the whole 10-mins.

Next up was Buggy A-Mains, and it didn’t go as well. I got hit at the start and had to work my way thru the field. Got back up to 3rd, and that is where I would finish.

I would like to thank Pro-Line Racing for the great products that I ran. M3 Holeshots/M3 Electrons/Pro-Line Stabilizer Wing.

Brian Roeder