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Cory Craig TQs and Wins at Lake Hartwell RC on Pro-Line Hole-Shots


With the weather forecast looking grim, and word of my intended track destination being cancelled due to being too wet, the reality that I might have to go a whole additional week without racing was staring me in the face. A situation I was not looking forward to having to cope with for another week…. Then I received a text from one of the operators of Lake Hartwell RC that read “We are racing!” My savior! LOL, So we packed up the car, and headed west!

Cory Used Pro-Line Renegade Wheels, Hole Shot M4 Tires/ inserts, and EVO SC Body

It was a perfect Saturday morning in Hartwell, GA as we made our second trip in 3 weeks to the facility. It was great to hear upon our arrival that the track had been donated a new PA system and the track purchased a new computer to help rectify the issues they ran into a couple weeks earlier. Just goes to show not only how much the track owners love their racers and track, but also how much the racers love the facility and the owners. I couldn’t wait to get started! Due to the weather the turnout was small, so I got a chance to relax and do some testing I needed to do.

I started the day off with my trusty M4 Hole Shots combo’d with my EVO SC and set out for some laps.

After running a battery or so in practice I really felt the changes I made were good ones and the truck was running very very well. So I pulled it off and prepped it for heat number 1.

Heat 1: Since the pressure was low, I simply tried to work on tuning my vehicle. The changes I made in practice were definitely working and the truck was very good but a little sketchy in the rear end. Using the same M4 Hole Shots I still cranked out laps over a second a lap faster than when I was here 2 weeks prior. After 6-minutes I had crossed the line with a 12-lap run, fast enough to set the initial TQ

Heat 2: With the track drying out in some places, and staying damp in others, I decided to make a change to help stabilize my truck. After the race started I could tell that the truck was definitely more stable. Even with the track drying out I could push the truck a little harder and it stay with me. I still managed to click off a 29.5 and a lot of low 30s. I was pushing hard to try to get 13 laps in 6 minutes and on the last lap caught a pipe too close and got sucked into it. I finished with 12-laps in 6:08 to keep the TQ.

A-Main: With the track grooving up a tad more I didn’t feel the need to change what wasn’t broken so I stayed with my M4 Hole Shots as I had all day. but At the sound of the buzzer, I was caught napping by Donnie Boleman who took the lead and watched me subsequently put myself into a pipe. From my miserable start I slowly worked my way through the field. Little by little I slowly reeled Donnie in till his rooster tails rained down on my windshield. We bumped, we nudged, and we battled back and forth, corner to corner! Lap after lap! Until, going over the large table top, Donnie lost it and rolled. From then on I kept it clean and smooth to roll to victory!

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As always I had an amazing time at the Lake Hartwell Facility. The track and people are so much fun, it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself. The fun environment and friendly atmosphere they provide is second to none.

My Pro-Line Tires and EVO SC body worked flawlessly. Hole Shots to me are a security blanket. When all else fails, toss on the shots 😀

I would like to send a shout out to Donnie Boleman. He generously donated a NICE PA system to the track. It’s racers like you that make this sport so great, and make racing at Lake Hartwell so much fun. He is just one example of the amazing local crowd that call Lake Hartwell RC Complex home. If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest you check them out. You will be happy ya did 😀

Cory Craig