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RC Network: Arrma Talion 6S Truggy Upgrade – Pro-Line VTR 4.0″ Blockades

Pro-Line always has it handled for improving those RTR vehicles out there!

With my newest vehicle at The RCNetwork, the Arrma Talion 6s BLX 1:8 Truggy, it just needed a bit more traction and a performance upgrade and that’s where Pro-Line has you covered.

Pro-Line Blockade VTR 4.0″ X2 (Medium) Off-Road 1:8 Truck Tires Mounted

The new 4.0″ VTR line of Wheels and Tires for 1:8 Truggy not only has Pro-Line’s award winning traction, but has a performance upgrade that takes a bit of weight off those rotational items giving you more horsepower! In this video, I mount them up and give a before and after measurement of the track path and weight of the Pro-Line’s vs the stock.

Here’s where I got them and some info from Pro-Line:…

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