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Tyler Hooks Wins at the Thornhill Cup on Pro-Line Hole Shots and Blockades

This weekend was the Thornhill Cup. I was able to TQ E-Buggy, qualify 2nd in Truggy, and 6th in Nitro Buggy.


With 2 large rain storms, one the night before qualifying, and the other the night before the Mains, the track crew did a fantastic job of getting the track back in shape before racing. The large amount of water provided an ever changing surface that was wet in the morning and night, and dry and dusty in the mid-afternoon.


Pro-Line had the best Tire for every condition.

Wet track- M3 Hole Shots for Buggy, X3 Hole Shots for Truggy

Dry Track- X2 Hole Shots for Buggy, X3 Hole Shots for Truggy

Mains- X2 Blockades for Buggy, X3 Hole Shots for Truggy

I also ran the Trifecta Wing, Type-R body, and BullDog for the D8T

I was able to take the Win in Buggy and Truggy, and finish 2nd in E-Buggy!

I would like to congratulate my Pro-Line Teammates Jake Dellinger, Andrew Clark, and Noah Dickerson for the podium sweep of the heavily contested Buggy, Truggy, and E-Buggy classes!

Tyler Hooks