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Pro-Line Secure-Loc Mod with Cory Craig

What’s up fellow racers?! How many of you are tired of body clips? Especially SCT guys? Or even worse, the carnage they can cause to your body after a few wrecks? I know I do. Luckily I received the Secure-Loc system from Pro-Line on my PRO-2 Race Truck and fell in love with how securely it holds my body (no more loud noise when you land or hit a jarring bump). They spread the load out around the hole evenly, unlike body clips that put all the load in a few small areas where the pins contact the body.

Pro-Line offers kits for some vehicles to switch over to the Secure-loc system, but unfortunately for me, they do not offer a kit for half the vehicles I own. So I found a way to adapt it to fit.

Interested in how to do it?

Read on!

Disclaimer: The vehicle used in this mod is a Kyosho SCT so any similar style of mount should follow the same procedure. I am working on variations to this for use on different vehicles, so stay tuned!!

Tools needed:

  • File/Dremel®
  • Drill bits
  • Drill/Dremel®/Pinvise
  • Vice/pliers
  • 2mm hex (for sets crews)
  • Pro-Line Secure-Loc Cap kit part number: 6070-02

 Step 1: File down the top of the original mount so it is flat.

old cap- modded cap

 Step 2: Place the mount in a vice and drill a hole down the middle of the flat spot you just made. Careful to keep it straight so you don’t drill out the side of the mount. A Pin vice may be easier since it’s by hand.

 Step 3: Screw the long set screw from the kit into the hole we just drilled.


 Step 4: Place the O-ring from the kit over the set screw. I added the plastic washer for extra support

oringcapcompleted unit

 Step 5: Mount the body (if you already have a body the existing holes will work fine).

Also check my other blog for performance tips on mounting your body. (coming soon)

on truck
 Step 6: Feel secure knowing that your body is.

Cory Craig