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Freddy Marsh Leads the Charge at RC3 Raceway on Pro-Line Hole Shots

I raced at RC3 Raceway in Huntsville, Alabama last Saturday which is my home/local track.


I raced my Caster Rapture 4WD SCT and my Hobby Pro PRST Stadium Truck. Racing was very close all day with several top Alabama drivers in attendance. We all had to adapt to the new track conditions of the new layout which changed throughout the day. I managed to get the TQ and win in 4WD SCT with my Caster Rapture, Toro/Venom powered SCT while running Pro-Line Hole Shots.

In Stadium Truck I qualified 2nd and finished 3rd with my Hobby Pro, Reds Racing 6.5 motor and Venom powered ST. I ran Pro-Line Hole Shots on the rear and Pro-Line Edge Tires on the front with FTM Grip sauce for the best traction.


Huge thanks to my sponsors- Pro-Line, Caster Racing, Hobby Pro, Reds Racing, Venom, Dialed RC Hobbies and FTM Grip!

Freddy Marsh