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Brian Cooke Takes to the Podium at Electric Indoor Southern Regionals with Pro-Line Electrons


This past weekend we held the 1st Annual Electric Indoor Southern Regionals at the Warehouse Hobby Raceway in Helena , Alabama. For the first year for the race we had some great competition and great racing. I had entered into 4WD Mod Buggy, 2WD Stadium Truck, and E-Buggy. Running triple A-Main format, all of the classes came down to the wire.

In 4WD Mod Buggy I was able to get a solid second place using Pro-Line Electrons M4 Front and Rear along with the Trifecta 1:10 Wing.

These Tires just continue to amaze me with great forward traction and side bite on our red clay track!!!!!!

In Stadium Truck again I was able to pull off the solid 2nd place finish by going old school running Scrubs M4 Front and Rear they were just stuck to the track like Glue!!!!! And my BullDdog Body gave the car plenty of down force as well.


In E-Buggy I finished just off the podium in 6th but my car was dialed on Electrons M4 all the way around.

As always I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the killer products and support! It makes racing so easy and fun!

Can’t wait until the PNB end of april !!!!!!

Thanks so much Brian “cookie” Cooke