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RC Patrol: Building the Pro-Line Racing geared Sketch Box SCX10 – Part 1 Painting the Body

Hello RC people this is Dave from Radio Control Patrol with Part 1 of “The Sketch Box” Pro-Line Racing equipped Axial SCX10 RC Trail Truck build videos. The Sketch Box was originally a Axial Racing SCX10 Deadbolt RTR but I decided to apply a Pro-Line Racing make-over with a custom painted body.

In this part I am painting the Pro-Line Racing 1992 Jeep Cherokee Body for 1:10 crawlers. You can find the body at the link below.… I decided to go with the name “The Sketch Box” due to the square shape of the Jeep Cherokee and it’s hard Body lines. It kinda looks like a box waiting to be sketched upon. So I grabbed some black Acrylic Paint Pens and got to work.

Acrylic is flexible when it dries and it is water soluble while working so it makes for easy clean-up if you make mistakes. For the white paint I used Duratrax White Base Coat. Any brand of paint markers and base coat will work.

For the Flat Black I used a Flat Black Primer in which I have used int he past with good luck so far. 

The Rectangle Roof Rack is from Pro-Line Racing as well and is featured here if you would like to grab one.…

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will be happy to respond. Thanks for watching and please Share and Subscribe if you have not already. Visit RC Patrol online at