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Jörn Neumann at EOS using Pro-Line Performance Parts

Anhang 1

The 3rd Round of the EOS Series where held in Austria Wels last weekend. It was in a completely new hall which was really nice. 2WD practice started with 3 Rounds of free practice and 2 Rounds seeding practice. Hupo and I tried some different setups on our mid motor SRX2 which worked out better and better. At this track the inline battery layout worked better. Even when it was difficult with a regular Mid Motor Buggy compare to all the new “Front Motor cars, we both manage to make the A-Main (6th and 10th). A1 was going good and I had a great battle with Simon Moss the entire race and finished 3rd. A2 was another solid run with a 4th place finish. A3 I still had the chance to get a podium finish and with another new set of Tires left the chance was their. It turned out awesome with taking 2nd place to finish 3rd overall.

Anhang 3

On Sunday it was time for 4WD. Qualifying was difficult as Q1 started really good, but traffic issues ended a good run 7th for the Round. Q2 was ok with a 6th place finish. Q3 was not so good after a setup change. Q4 Unluckily the steering post screw came loose after 2 laps which made it difficult to turn left, still finished in the top 10. With only 2 OK runs I qualified 10th overall, with Hupo qualified 8th overall.

A1 From 10th on the grid you can’t expect too much for the finals, but I gave everything. I moved up some positions to get 4th. A2 was not so good with some crashes which let me finish 8th. A3 I tried all or nothing and made a setup change which was the right choice. The SRX4 was good now which let me finish 2nd from last. Overall I finished 5th which was good for what we had right now.

Anhang 2

In 4WD Short Course I was able to win A1 and A2 to secure the overall win and overall EOS Series Championship.

Pro-Line products used:

2735-02 Velocity Wheels
6250-17 Trifecta wing
6077-00 12 mm Clamping Hex Adapters
6031-00 Pro-Line Tire Glue
3344-00 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Clear Body

Best wishes,
Jorn Neumann