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Ben Sterling at 2015 1:8 Buggy Australian Titles on Pro-Line Blockades


March 19-22 2015 was the biggest race of the year. The Australian 1:8 Buggy Titles, held in the great facility at MORBC. The track would have been one of, if not the best track/surface I have ever driven on. The professionalism the club showed also was nothing short of perfect. The event ran flawlessly all weekend. Credit to all at the MORBC club for their efforts.

Pro-Line Equipment used:
Type-R Clear Body for HB D812
Blockade X3 Compound with Lightweight Velocity Rims
Lexan Trifecta Wing

Thursday and Friday was practice and 6 rounds of qualifying. Practice was I just got used to the track layout and some of the challenging jump sections. I also made sure my engine was right.

Qualifying I did great! I would qualify in 8th overall, I was stoked. Car ran great all rounds and only needed minimum adjustment. My new Alpha Dragon II engine and Sterlzy Blend fuel combo was fantastic, getting 13-minutes+ run time per tank.  This would allow me to easily do 10-10:30 pit stops comfortably in the semis and A-Main.

In the semi I would start from 4th in the Even group. I got off to a really bad start, getting taken out and then a mistake over the triple, putting me to the back spot. I fought hard through the race and I think the pit strategy really worked in my favour. I would battle with Chris Lander on the last lap for the final Bump spot. I made the pass over the triple as we came together and Chris flipping over needing a Marshall. I finished 6th and would start from 12th in the Main.

In the 1-hour long Main event, I again had really bad luck at the start. Getting taken out and pushed straight to the rear of the field. I kept my cool as it was such a long race. I would keep to my 10-minute fuel strategy and would just keep smooth and minimize mistakes. I would finish 11th overall. Again really happy with my results considering the level of competition!

I would like to thank my good buddies Tod and Chantelle Trower for putting me up at their beautiful place for the 5 days and feeding my big guts. Also thanks to Savage Sam my Pit Man and Ronny Maya. Also thanks to my Sponsors for their great support, HB/HPI Racing, Alpha, MKS X6 Servos, Pro-Line, Plaig Bearings, Sterlzy Blend RC Fuel.


Ben Sterling