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Nick Sava’s PRO-2M at the Pro-Line Cactus Classic on Primes


Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of running the Mid-Motor version of the PRO-2 Short Course Truck at this year’s Cactus Classic hosted at Hobbytown SRS in Phoenix.

Unlike prior years, this track called for slicks, or in our case, Primes! At the start of the weekend, I mounted a full set of MC Primes for Short Course 13.5 and 4WD 13.5 (my other class).

The same set of Tires and Inserts lasted all week. The V3 Short Course Inserts work very well on high bite surfaces.

This race was my first time at the track with the Mid-Motor PRO-2 and I spent time working on setup. I managed a best of 3rd in one of the rounds and lined up 5th ( I think?) in the Main. The Main didn’t go so well and I think I ended up 8th.

In 13.5 4WD, I had a very good car, qualified 7th due to some less than stellar race finishes, but was optimistic for the Main. I had a great start, hung out in 4th for a few laps, then moved up and took the lead about halfway through. I lead up until the last lap when Wayne and I got together and I was left upside down. An absolutely horrendous finish to the lap had me go from 1st to 7th!

The car was awesome, the driving was great for a solid 6.5-minutes but that was that. It’s worth noting my friend Robert bumped into the Main in 4WD using my Prime Tires. I had to repo them for the A-Main though!

Nick Sava