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Wil Alameida @ Mid-Atlantic Winter Series 2014-2015

The Mid-Atlantic Winter Series 2014-2015 was a great success. The three tracks involved were McCullough’s, Bumps and Jumps, and Railyard Hobbies. Each track offering a variety of different layouts, track conditions, and a very competitive turnout at each location.

I ran 3 classes, and those being 4WD Mod SCT, 2WD Mod Buggy, and of course the 2WD SCT with the PRO-2 SC truck. Each track had their slight variances; McCullough’s was an obvious choice to follow the Pro-Line Recommended Tire Compound Chart, with temperatures ranging down to 45°F and colder at times. Although the staff was well prepared to keep the temps at a comfortable temperature range, the track was a different story. Although, the local recommendations were right on point, with running ghosted M4 Suburbs on all vehicles.

Bumps and Jumps hosted the second round  of the three leg series. The track surface was very smooth with wood jumps, and clay surface. This track also accommodates the Oval Racing, and so the track surface was incredibly smooth, and very well maintained. MC (Clay) tires were the tires of choice for all the trucks, coupled with FTM Grip it was a great day of racing.

The final leg of racing was hosted by Railyard Hobbies. This was my first time making it to this track, and it was very much worth the long drive from Hagerstown, MD. The track was smooth, and a very fun layout. MC (Clay) tires were the best tires for the job. The local racers definitely set the bar high with incredibly dialed vehicles in every class, and were very open to giving advice, and giving a helping hand wherever possible.

The Mid-Atlantic Winter series was a great series, and I personally cannot wait for the next series.

The vehicles have the following accessories:

Team Associated B5M

Tekno SCT410

Pro-Line PRO-2 SC

Pro-2 SC
RailYard 2015 017.jpg~original
1st Place in 2wd Mod Buggy Points Series

RailYard 2015 006.jpg~original
2nd place in 4wd Mod Buggy
RailYard 2015 016.jpg~original
2nd Place in points with the 4wd SCT
RailYard 2015 014.jpg~original
3rd Place in points with Pro-2 SC in the Mid-Atlantic Winter Series (receiver wire hanging out.. :-/ )
Pro-2 SC
Pro-2 SC
Pro-2 SC