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Devin Chesney at Elite Electric Challenge on Pro-Line Suburbs


Date: 03/14/15
Event: Bumps and Jumps 2015 Elite Electric Challenge
Classes Raced: 4×4 Short Course

I chose to attend this race because the past few years it has been very fun and draws in a good amount of people. This year was nothing different, a few teammates Bobby Stroud and Hunter Waters showed up as well.
There was going to be 3 rounds of qualifying and single 10-minute A-Mains.

The first round with my truck I went out and had some setup trouble that I did not have time to adjust in practice. I was fighting while heading into hairpin or 180 turns. So I went on with the struggle of my truck pushing a little more than wanted and I made a few mistakes. Along with that, a couple other drivers did the same which still gave me a TQ run for that round, which I went on to beat later in the day.
For round 2 I made some adjustments for the hairpin type turns and my truck was on fire! I mean I could smack the brake and get back on it and my truck would just plug right into the corner and wheeled right out. It was so good that people were asking me if I had glue on my Tires. This round, the truck was great and I was the only one on an 18-lap pace! As a few laps went by, I got out of my line at one point and bobbled costing me the 18. But the top 4 all reset my old TQ with me still out front. Everyone was learning the track and getting very fast!


Round 3 Ahhhh, now that I knew the truck was good and I just had to get a solid run in for that 18. I went for it! The race went just as planned as I found my way through traffic in the race and made not 1 mistake resetting my TQ again with teammate Bobby Stroud not far behind! It’s shaping up for an awesome main!
As I did my usual concession pit stop to eat, I got to talk to a few people about my equipment like the Tekno truck and what tires I was running. The first words out of their mouth was, “hey are you the kid driving that white short course truck? Dude you are so fast!” This was a great confidence booster. They also asked me to help with some setup on their vehicles and what stuff I recommend for the track today etc… After I finished I did some work and cleaned my pits in preparation for the A-Main.

In the A-Main I would be starting on the pole! Bobby Stroud was in second and little Jack Wicker in 3rd. Both very fast and competitive racers. As the sound went off we all went right into the first turn of the sweeper full wood. It was intense, especially when you hear all the trucks roaring tying to hook up around the flat, long turn. As we got about a quarter of the way through the first lap, I looked away from my truck to 2nd places truck and when I looked back I was hitting the bigger jump in the middle of the track and was coming up short on the landing. This did not end well as I cased the landing and rolled down the bottom allowing 2nd and 3rd to move up one spot putting me back 2 spots. So now I instantly went into attack mode to not loose them. After I few laps I pressured into the corner sending Jack way to wide allowing me to swoop to the inside making a pass for 2nd and on the jump after the turn lapped traffic caught Bobby and allowed me to go right by. I would then end up leading the rest of the race to take the win.


I want to thank Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Carpy’s, RCSCREWZ, PT Racing Oils and all of my friend and fellow racers for all the fun and help throughout the hobby!

Tekno SCT410
Pro-Line EVO body, MC Suburbs
Carpys decals and apparel
PT Racing Oils
RCSCREWZ bearings and screws


Thank you,
Devin Chesney