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Cory Craig Takes TQ and Win at 2015 March Madness Using Hole Shot Tires!


It was a gorgeous Sunday morning at The RC Pit in Lugoff, SC. A town just outside of SC’s capital of Columbia. My first view of the track as we pull in is the menacing driver stand. It’s a 20ft tall monster of a billboard, easily seen from the road. As I finally get to the track itself to see what there is to deal with, the first thing that is obvious is, it’s BIG, very big! The track has 2 whoop sections and 6 doubles. All the doubles are rather spaced out and high speed, so in 2WD SCT, making or not making any of the doubles was going to not only be a challenge but also really reduce your lap times. So the temptation is definitely there to go big, but with the wind blowing like it was, I wasn’t sure how things would play out. The dirt itself however was super, super moist from the rain. There were no mud puddles at all, which was surprising, but the surface itself was ridiculously tacky. As I ran across the track to help marshal someone practicing, my shoes became weighted down with so much mud I literally grew 2” in height and gained about 15 lbs. in weight lol. The track was that tacky.

Since the racing started at 10, I knew I had to brace the conditions to get some track time. There was no other choice. I did not want to go out on a new track for my first time, during my first heat race. 😀 I started off with my trusty Hole Shot 2.0 Fronts and Blockade rears all in M4. After a few laps, the tires were packed up, but the truck still handled well. I could also see the track starting to pack down well, and dry out some. Meaning Hole Shots would probably be the way to go. So I made a few laps to get comfortable with a few sections, and then prepped for Heat 1.

pit3-15-15 round 1

Heat 1: The track was starting to dry out as I predicted, had packed down nicely, but still had some loose balls of clay on top , especially out of the groove. I went with Hole Shots on all 4-wheels and knew the track would come to me as the day progressed. The heat started, and the truck was driving very well. I played it super conservative and only attempted to jump 1 of the doubles mostly because the wind was blowing inconsistently and I wanted a good clean run in. I got a solid start, made very few mistakes, and was super consistent to take the early win and set an early TQ!

pit 3-15-15 round 2

Heat 2: Again, I used Hole Shots in M4 all around. The track had packed down more, was starting to blue groove and more of the dust was easier to blow away now that it had dried. I was feeling very confident about the truck. The race started and I set off on my first lap, and made several doubles that I couldn’t make before. As my confidence rose, I got brave with some of the doubles and they bit me. I still managed to win the race however, with a slightly faster overall than my first to still keep me in the TQ spot.

FUN FACT!  I was in a bit of a rush when I first arrived, and I had a set of Hole Shots to glued up. A friend was trying to help me, and glued the outside with another brand of tire glue, while I ended up gluing the backsides with Pro-Line Glue. After the 2nd heat race however, I noticed that both my rear Tires, had come unglued from the rims, but only on the outside edges. I didn’t have time to clean the old glue off, and just reseated the beads, and re-glued using the Pro-Line glue. Hoping this would hold them.

Of course I had no more tire issues once I used the Pro-Line glue 😀 simply amazing glue!!

Heat 3: The track had dried fairly well, and it was taking a blue groove nicely. With my truck tires re-glued and some minor repairs made, I felt it was time to let the hammer down. Knowing I had 2 good runs in, I could afford to be a little wild and if I broke over one of the big jumps then I still had time to repair it. During the warm up the truck was sooo much better with glued tires 😀 I was feeling very confident. After the front stretch is a left with a double. The second jump in that double has a steep face, so if you short the jump it HURTS A LOT. I had already seen several guys break trying to make that double. This race, I decided to try it a couple of times. The race started and I clear it but just barely and decided after that, it wasn’t worth the risk. I could, however, make all but 2 of the other doubles with ease and no fear of wrecking. At the end of the 8-minutes I had bested both of my previous runs by a rather healthy margin.

pit 3-15-15 round 3

A-Main: The sun had set, the moisture was rising, and the question on everyone’s mind was “what tire do I pick?” I chose to stay with my trusty Hole Shots, as I felt the track would dust over slightly. I stuck with my Hole Shots while some others opted to try a Suburbs style of tire. At the sound of the tone however, it was Robbie Davidson with the move of the race. From his 3rd place starting spot, I singled over the first double after the front stretch to play it safe, while Robbie tossed caution to the wind and made it. He pulled up next to me going down the back stretch and an intense battle began. I followed him close for a few corners till he left me a hole. I put my truck in it but then shorted a double and rolled it, handing the lead to Robbie. With a 5 to 7-second hole to pull myself out of, I start hitting my marks and making up some time. I ran him back down and the battle re-engaged. I put some pressure on him for a couple of corners till I managed to steer underneath him going down into turn one and we both single over the first double. Robbie followed me close till we get to the dual doubles in front of us. I singled the first while Robbie managed to double it, giving him the momentum to pull up next to me going into the second double. We dunked it out for a few more corners though I managed to get around him again. A corner later Robbie rolled a pipe he cut too close and that allowed me to steadily pull away to the victory 😀

pit 3-15-15 a-main lineuppit 3-15-15 a-main

In conclusion, my first trip to The Pit was an awesome one! The Pit Crew (love the name) ran a quick, smooth, efficient program. The staff is all friendly and helpful folks who help give the facility its fun atmosphere. The track was very well maintained, very well lit, and had a lot more grip then I am used to. It is definitely a spot and a race I intend to pencil in on my calendar every year.

The Pro-Line Tires worked amazing all day, especially my trusty Hole Shots.

I know most of the 2WD SCT A-Main was using Holeshots.

I think one big advantage I had was the body. The EVO SC didn’t parachute as much as the other guys, allowing me to have an easier time making jumps that others struggled with and making doubles was a huge boost in speed and a reduction in lap times.

The Pit 3-15-2015

I would like to thank those who helped make this possible. First, Anthony Adams, thank you for all the help and support. None of my success lately would be possible if it wasn’t for you. I truly Thank you. Anthony and Richard Hutchinson, thank you guys for the ride and the shade. You 2 are always amazing to be around and I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for you guys. Of course my Main Hombre Zak Morton, I don’t know where I’d be without ya! And last but certainly not least, the entire Pro-Line team/ staff. You folks are hands down the best in the business, and I’m honored to be a part of it! I truly wouldn’t be as fast without your products.

Thank you for reading. Check out my blogs on the Pro-Line factory team website for tips, mods, reviews and race reports!

Cory Craig