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Cory Craig: Super Slick Secret for a Super Slick Situation

Alright, it’s against my better judgement to release this tip to the masses. But I must confess, I feel it is a legal form of cheating. So it’s only fair to share. Most of my local tracks are large, outdoor, hard packed, super dusty, super dry, and super slick. The 2WD Mod SCTs especially struggle to put power down. So through some trial and error, and a LOT of help from the Pro-Line team to help me find the right item, I found a solution.

First: Call Pro-Line @ 1-800-899-7223 and order 4 : 6197-53  2.8” inner diameter open cell foam (they cost $2.15 each, $4.30 a pair).

Second: Buy or locate an electric knife


Third: Wait for your Pro-Line package to arrive.


Fourth: Using an empty rim as a guide, take the electric knife and trim the insert to the proper width

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Fifth: Place the foam insert inside of your Choice of Pro-Line Tire and glue them up (I like Hole Shot Tires for Short Course and Blockades for 1:8 scale Buggy if u can only get 1 set)

Sixth: Collect trophies

Cory Craig