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Mason Eppley at Outback Shootout on Pro-Line Electrons

Amain Hobbies 2015 Outback Shootout race.


I got to the track around noon Friday morning, the new track layout was definitely different and not really my style of track but it still looked fun. I was able to put in a few battery packs in each of my cars, I was really struggling in setup for my XB4 4WD Buggy. I kept trying new things and it did get a little better but still not where I wanted it.
When Saturday morning rolled around I made a few more changes to the XB4 but I was still not comfortable with it.
Unfortunately I ran out of time and qualifying would soon start. At this years event there was over 260 entries with 4 heats of mod 4wd and 2wd Buggy, with 2 heats of Stock 2WD SCT also. I once again decided to run Mod 4WD Buggy, Stock 2WD SCT, and for the first time Mod 2WD Buggy.


My 2WD Buggy started the day off for me, I didn’t have the best of runs and ended up 18th overall for the round. I had the same sort of run in WD Buggy putting me 20th overall for the round. I felt very confident in SCT and ended up 2nd overall for that round. Round 2 and 3 went a little better for me as I had two top 10 runs in both of my Mod Buggies as well as securing the 2nd spot on the grid for the Main in my SCT. Sunday morning would be the last round of qualifying. In my 2WD Buggy I was able to get a 6th for the round but it wasn’t good enough as I would start 3rd on the grid in the B-Main, I struggled in my 4WD Buggy getting 10th for the round, but luckily I made the A-Main starting 8th.



I felt pretty confident with my cars going into the Mains, my B-Main in Mod 2WD Buggy was first for me, I would start 3rd. I had a pretty good start as I would jump up to the 2nd spot on the first lap, which is where I needed to be because only 2 would bump up. As the race went on I made a few mistakes putting me back to 4th, with a minute to go I passed 3rd. On the last lap I made a pass on 2nd and made the bump into the A-Main putting me last on the start, starting 10th.

The Mod 2WD Buggy Main would be the first A-Main up for me, once again I had a great start as I would end up in 5th but I made one mistake putting me all the way back to 8th. I would stay in 8th for the rest of the race, I still was very happy with my result making the A my first time out in Mod!

Stock SCT up next for me, to be honest it was a pretty boring race, we all got spread out from each other and I would take the second spot and the podium!

4WD Buggy was the last race of the night for me, I had another good start but once again made a bad mistake on the third lap, I was still really struggling with the car but towards the end of the race I made my way back up to 7th almost catching 6th.

Overall it was a really fun race weekend once again, I made the A in all my classes which was my goal. My Tekin electronics ran perfect all weekend,

My Pro-Line Electron Tires were awesome!

Screenshot_2015-03-10-12-19-13 Screenshot_2015-03-08-19-32-33 Screenshot_2015-03-08-19-29-01

I want to say a huge thanks to all my sponsors for all the help and continued support, Tekno RC, Pro-Line, Tekin, Airtronics, DE Racing, E1D, Schelle, SLRC, AARC, and Reds Airbrush Designs.

Mason Eppley