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RC Patrol: Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Kit Build


The time came to expand the RC line-up here at Radio Control Patrol. There was a deep rooted need for some Short Course Truck action, and we knew just whom to go to for one of the best 1:10 SCT kits on the market, Pro-Line Racing. After contacting Pro-Line about the PRO-2 SC kit, we were anxious to get our hands on this quality SC builders kit and see what kind of magic we could bring to the course, trail, or backyard bash session.


After we placed our order, we decided to make out a plan sheet to see what we would need to shell out in order to finish the kit once it arrived. See, the PRO-2 SCT kit from Pro-Line Racing features all of their high quality aftermarket upgrades in one box along with the awesome and aerodynamic Flo-Tek body for 1/10 scale Short Course Trucks.


The Pro-2 SC Kit does not include a motor, esc, servo, spur gear, or a receiver. That way, you have the power to make your own custom version of the Pro-2 by selecting all of your favorite electronics to install inside. Here is the design sheet for the RC Patrol Pro-2 SC from Pro-Line Racing.


The final purchase had a few changes, but we kept it pretty much in line with the sheet in the end. The items in which we changed were the Savox SW-0231 to the SW-0230MG, and we opted for the new ergonomic Tactic TTX300 transmitter and receiver combo. All other items on the sheet remained the same and were gathered before the PRO-2 SC arrived at the shop.


This is part one of the build posts. So, we are not going to go into full detail about the gear here, but we will let you know what to look forward to in the next posts as we start to build. Here is our opinion of a pretty feasible setup for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC kit.

  • Castle Sidewinder SCT 1/10 Short Course Edition – Neu-Castle 1410 1y 3800kv 4-Pole motor and Sidewinder programmable ESC.
  • Tactic TTX300 Transmitter/Reciever Combo with 3rd channel user selectable by switch.
  • Savox SW0230MG HV Waterproof servo.
  • Aluminum servo horn and Robinson Racing 48P 20T pinion gear for the motor.

The parts listed above should make for a pretty nice build that will be fast and fun as well as reliable as can be. So, you may be asking what all comes in the box from Pro-Line Racing that makes the PRO-2 SC so special and worth it’s weight. Well, let’s look at what you get briefly and, if you need more information, you can head over to the Pro-Line Racing website and take a deeper look.

Now that is a grand total of : $723.10

The Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 SC Kit goes for MAP $389.95 

When purchased as the kit, you get a major deal indeed and awesome packaging as well.

Check out a few pictures of the box of the Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 SC Kit.


The Pro-2 kit is not just an ordinary SC truck kit when completed either. These are performance parts included with this kit and not just the stock plastics found on most RTR (Ready To Run) RCs. In our opinion, the chassis and transmission alone make up for most of the cost of the entire kit and are both some serious performance pieces for the build. The transmission is known to hold up to the most powerful engine/esc combos and transfer that power to the wheels effectively. Gearing in the transmission is the same as the Traxxas Slash 2WD, and it comes with an 86T spur gear.


The chassis is aluminum and servo mounts as well. The chassis of the Pro-2 SCT is light and well designed. The kit weighs in at just 3.64 pounds without electronics installed. Pro-Line did a good job on the setup, and we are pleased with our decision to add one to our line-up of RCs. The transmission is already mounted along with the steering kit, nerf bars, battery straps, and esc platform. There really is not a lot left to do in order to finish this kit and get it rolling, and the well designed instructions make that a piece of cake.


You also get a set of F-11 wheels and Blockade tires pre-mounted for your convenience, another great advantage. Although these are great tires, they are made of a soft compound. Depending on the type of surface you will be using the PRO-2 SC on, it could be wise to grab a second set of tires. If you plan to tear up the concrete or rocky terrain, then, you will wear the Blockades out faster than a tire made for more general purpose with a harder compound. Not that the Blockades can not take a good bashing, they are better suited for track conditions where they shine.


A second set of tires in which we chose to include in our order were the Interco Super Swamper TSL for SCT. The Super Swamper TSL is no stranger to being an awesome tire for crawlers and bashers know what they are all about no doubt. We have yet to try them on a short course truck, so this was a perfect opportunity to see how they grip and handle in short course form. We ordered our Super Swampers pre-mounted on F-11 wheels  so that they would be ready for action when we go out for testing.


We will use the Super Swampers for bashing and general driving of the PRO-2 SC and save the Blockades for the track. From our experience with Pro-Line Super Swamper tires, they have no limits and hold up well in the worst conditions. That combination equals to some extreme fun when mounted on an short course RC and taken out on the field.

Included in the PRO-2 SC Kit from Pro-Line Racing are a pair of the most reliable and durable shocks on the RC market. The Pro-Line PowerStroke shocks have been time tested and designed to last from day one. Everyone we know who owns a pair has said nothing but good things and so do most of the posts we have read on the web. We can’t wait to take a set of these babies out for a spin on our rig when complete. You must purchase the shocks in a front and rear combination for they are different lengths.


For now, this is the end of Part 1 of the Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Short Course Kit build, be sure to check out Part 2 as it will be up tomorrow for sure. We will be assembling the kit in the next post, so stay tuned to see the awesomeness. The need to rip open packaging and build is increasing by the minute!

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