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Tyler Hooks Podiums At Nitro Challenge on Fugitives

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This year at nitro challenge I ran E-Buggy, Buggy and Truggy here are my qualification results.

Pro Buggy: C-Main 12th
Pro E-Buggy: D-Main 2nd
Pro Truggy: D-Main 4th
Expert Buggy: A-Main 10th

I was able to bump to the C-Main in Truggy but was finished after that.

In Expert Buggy after 3o-minutes I was able to move myself up to the 2nd spot on the podium!

I want to thank Pro-Line for all the support last year and this year!

Products Used:

X3 Hole Shot 2.0s
M3 Fugitives
Lightweight Velocity Wheels
X3 Hole Shots VTR
VTR Velocity Wheels
BullDog for the D8T
Trifecta Wings

Tyler Hooks