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Luke Richards at CRCRC WRL on Pro-Line Electrons

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This past weekend I attended the 5th round of the CRCRC WRL (Winter Racing League) hosted by The Ohio RC Factory. There were about 150 entries and the format was three rounds of rocket round qualifying and one 7-minute A-Main. I ran the two biggest classes 2WD and 4WD Mod Buggy on Pro-Line MC Electrons.


2WD qualifying:

Round one I was in the first qualifier of 2WD Mod so I put down the first time of the day. My RB6 on MC Electrons was awesome, I only had one wreck but it cost me about 7 seconds. My first round time put me second over all behind TLR’s JP Richards since I was not able to finish another qual with my 2WD.

4WD qualifying:

In round one I was on a TQ time with one lap left but I lost a CVD on the last lap and finished with a time to put me third over all. In round two I made some changes to my ZX6 making it really good. I was able to set a new TQ time over TLR’s Spencer Heckert and JP Richards. in round three JP was able to get TQ from me, so I started second on the grid.

4WD Main:

My ZX6 was good all day on MC Electrons

so I had confidence going into the Main. I started off strong riding behind JP for about a minute and then JP made a mistake and I was able to get around him for the lead, I lead for the next minute but I caught a curb putting my 4WD on 2 wheels and fell to second. A minute later I wrecked in a bad spot and fell to 4th where I battled for third for the rest of the race and on the last lap I made the pass and finished third.

2WD Main:

My RB6 was awesome all day I only made one oil change for the third round because the track lost a little bite. I had complete confidence in my car on MC Electrons going into the main. The tone went off and on the first corner I barely clipped a curb and it slowed me down a little bit but I stayed in second. The next corner JP wrecked and I took over the lead and never looked back and lead the rest of the race claiming the win.


Top 3 4WD Mod Buggy:
JP Richards: TLR 22-4
Brandon Marsh: AE B44.3
Luke Richards: Kyosho ZX6

Top 3 2WD Mod Buggy:
Luke Richards: Kyosho RB6
Brandon Marsh: AE B5M
JP Richards: TLR 22 2.0

Products used:
MC Electrons on Velocity wheels front and rear on both my cars Trifecta wing on both of my cars

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