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Mo Denton Wins at The DNC 15 on Pro-Line Hole Shots

What a great and exciting race to be apart of. I would run both Buggy and Truggy in 40 over and Expert classes.


On Truggy day I would go with the M3 Hole Shots as that tire works everywhere!!

I would leave my car set ups the same and try and learn the track. Luckily Joey did not disappoint, with an awesome layout that I could get around just fine! Come qualifying time I would show as a front runner for both classes posting up top 5 times in both classes. After some disaster hitting the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Expert I would end up as the 12th qualifier but still in the A!

In 40 over things went well as I would start the Main in the number 2 spot.

Truggy Main day; in Expert I would start patiently and not push the issue and work my way through a few drivers making my way up to 4th at some point then bouncing back to 10th but in the end I would wind up finishing 7th overall.

In 40 over I would hold on to a solid 2nd place for most of the race but several brain farts later I would find my self handing 2nd position over and winding up with a 3rd place finish. Still happy to be on the podium at such a large event!!

Buggy quals; Expert Buggy and 40 over would both prove to be some extremely close racing!! I would be on a TQ pace every time I set my Buggy on the track but never keep it together for the full 7-minutes and wound up between 6th and 12th positions every round. When the dust settled I would start the 40 over A-Mains in 6th and 13th which would be BQ for Expert Buggy.

For the start of the B-Main I felt confident I had the speed to bump so I went with my trusty M3 Hole Shot 2.0s I had ran in quals and kept my new ones for the 40 over Main. I would win the B-Main and bump to the A-Main in Expert Buggy……so I thought….. turns out I happened to be 1 CC over on my fuel tank and I would receive a DQ. Frustrated and disappointed I decided to drop it and move on to 40 over.

In 40 over with new M3 Hole Shots my car felt great and it was easy to apply pressure to the front runners allowing me to make my way to the front and hold on to it for the WIN!

It was great to get my first Major win in Off-road with such close competition. In both cars and in both classes my TLR 3.0/3.0T would prove dependable and hooked up on M3 Holeshots all weekend!!

– Mo Denton