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NeoBuggy: Pro-Line Fuel Stick at DNC ’15


One of the most talked about new products at this year’s Nitro Challenge is Pro-Line’s Fuel Stick, the description of which sounds like that of an exotic supercar — fast, rare, and expensive.


We sat down with Pro-Line’s Daniel Adams to gather the details. He told us that the Fuel Stick’s expected release date (the first batch will be available direct from P-L, with the second batch available through distributors) is February 28th. Each Stick is hand assembled and produced in the USA. Only a few dozen Fuel Sticks have been produced so far, and of the four that were brought to the DNC to sell, all four were snapped up the first day.


Ty Tessmann and his father helped develop the product with the help of Pro-Line’s R&D team, and ran through several prototypes until they got it “just right.” The gun flows fuel quickly (see video) and is built to last with high strength billet aluminum pieces and replaceable O-rings. A trigger guard helps protect the user’s fingers from getting hit or crushed, should a vehicle run into your hand while holding it in the pits.


A fine-mesh wire screen at the nozzle acts as a particle filter, but its primary function according to Adams is to redirect the fuel flow and eliminate pockets of air and fuel as it enters the tank. As a result, Adams says the tank fills to capacity with no air gaps at the top of the tank. The Fuel Stick is designed to be “a one time investment,” as durable as any tool in your pit box, says Adams, which is a good thing considering the Stick’s jaw dropping MSRP of $289. Adams says the Fuel Stick is for hardcore racers who want the best possible product available, so Pro-Line went all out. The gun feels durable and high quality, and Adams says if you manage to damage the Fuel Stick, you’re probably standing in a crater with everything around you destroyed as well.


We are eager to give it a try. While in the pit area, I found Kyosho’s Paul King testing out his new P-L Fuel Stick and captured this video that demonstrates the gun’s speed. It looks fast to us; what do you think?


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