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Peter Bartlett With Impressive Showing at Motorama on Pro-Line Electrons and IONs


After a very long week of prep and racing I’m now home. We had around 400 entries this year on the 1:10 track this year. What a great time I had helping, racing and meeting other teammates. This was one event I will return to every year for sure. This year I ran 3 classes at Motorama; Stock Short Course, Mod Short Course as well as Stock 2WD Buggy.

After 3 rounds of qualifying I was sitting 2nd in Stock SC and 3rd in Mod SC. Stock Buggy I had a hard time during qualifying first round I TQ’d last two qualifiers I had some hard luck and broke. But overall I had a great time. I was able to come in 3rd in Mod Short Course A-Main. It was nice to see myself in the top 3 with such a stacked class. In Stock Short Course I was able to finish 2nd in the A-Main, and last but not least in 2WD Stock Buggy I took the bump out of the C-main into the B-main. During the last lap of the B, I was in front and a lapped Buggy locked wheels with me. So needless to say, no bump. I took 2nd in the B-main. So overall I had a great time.

I was running M4 Electrons on my 2WD Buggy they were amazing all weekend long I had no need to try other Pro-Line Tire or compounds. In Short Course I was using IONs my favorite Tire of all time. The start of the weekend as the track was new. I was using M3 IONs as the track dried out and got dusty I went to M4 IONs.

I will say that I couldn’t do this without IONs.

Thank you Pro-Line for all the support and great products.

Peter Bartlett