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Jake Lieder at MHOR R/C Raceway on Pro-Line Mid-Motor PRO-2


This past weekend was the 20th Annual Rumble in the Rockies, Sponsored by Pro-Line. It was held at MHOR R/C Raceway in Aurora, Colorado. This event seen such Pro’s as TLR’s Dustin Evans, Kyosho/Pro-Line’s Matt Chambers, and Team Associateds Kody Numendahl. This event brought in 260 entries from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, South Dakota and Nebraska totaling 35 heats.

The 6th was an open practice all day and many of the top contenders including myself took advantage of it to get our vehicles in top shape for qualifying on Saturday.


Come Saturday we learned our fate as to where we were grouped for qualifying and it so happens I did not receive a good grouping and spent most of Saturday fighting through lapped traffic unable to put in a decent run putting me outside of the shows at that point.

I ran 13.5 SCT with my Mid-Motor Pro-Line PRO-2, equipped with Pro-Spec big bores and MC Electrons glued up to F11 wheels, and my EVO SC Body kept the attitude in check while laying the power down.

My stock 17.5 B5M equipped with MC Transistors up front, Electron MC’s rear and Trifecta wing, kept me in control and able to power through everything consistently.

At the end of the day Saturday there was a resort allowing me to get grouped with faster and more skilled drivers which netted me faster times and better qualifying positions. Sunday, Main day, Last round of qualifying I was able to lay down a blistering fast top 7 run in 13.5 SCT that put me just outside the A-main qualifying me 6th in the B-Main for SCT. Essentially a 14th out of 34 in 13.5 sct which is good with only one good qualifier to stand on which gave me wind going into the mains.

17.5 buggy followed suit and I was able to lay down a top 19 run with my Pro-Line Equipped Buggy out of 64 buggies setting me up for a pole position in the E-Main which was a 33rd out of 64 overall with one good qualifier in. Come Main time, I was was ready to put in work and started out with my 13.5 PRO-2. It was a battle from the get go. This Main was stacked with all the local fast guys normally a-show including myself. It was a back and forth race in its entirety. Unfortunately, I missed the podium by less then 2 seconds ending up 4th overall, netting a 12th out 34 trucks. Not bad for being the only PRO-2 in attendance.

17.5 buggy went as expected. I led from tone to tone and my Pro-Line Equipped Buggy could not be matched as I walked away with a 1st place and a 33 out of 64 over all finish.

Thank you to Matt Wallace & Jessica Kelishes, for all the support of myself and help with the Proto Truck, and help in sponsoring the event with great products. I cannot thank you guys enough! You all rock! Now on to the Presidents Day Classic in Utah!

Items Used:
Short Course
Electron MC for Short course
Pro-Line F-11 +3 mm offset
Pro-Line EVO SC body
Mid-Motor PRO-2
Pro-Spec Shocks

1:10 2WD Buggy
Trifecta wing
Electron VTR Rears MC
Transistor VTR Fronts MC
VTR wheels-white
Pro-Line Carbon Shocktower for B5m

17.5 E-main led start to finish

13.5 SCT B-main RC Analyze Web Results

17.5 E-main RC Analyze Web Results