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Pro-Line PRO-2 EASY Upgrade for your Traxxas Slash!


Pro-Line makes it easier than ever to upgrade your stock Slash simply by swapping your stock electronics into one of our PRO-2 Performance kits! That’s right, in less than a few hours you can be up and running by simply transplanting your stock Slash electronics. Whether it’s the PRO-2 Short Course or PRO-2 Buggy Racing machines or the Award Winning PRO-MT Monster Truck, Pro-Line has the right vehicle for you!

In a few short steps, we’re going to show you how to take your well used Traxxas Slash trucks, transplanting the electronics for a fully functioning PRO-2 Short Course Truck! Starting out with the 4001-00 PRO-2 2WD truck kit, the transmission and main chassis comes pre-assembled from the factory. You will have to complete assembly of the front and rear suspension in each kit.


After completing the core assembly of the PRO-2 Chassis, The VXL Motor and Speed controller were removed from the Stock Slash and installed it on to the PRO-2 Chassis. The VXL motor installs in the same manner as from the stock truck and set the gear lash up during final installation of the motor.  The Velineon Speed controller is a little larger but it will mount on the Speed controller shelf just fine using double sided servo tape to secure it.

Next remove the stock servo and position it as shown in the PRO-2 Instruction Manual. The stock white Traxxas servo horn can be re-used however it is a good idea to upgrade to a aluminum servo horn like a Racers Edge 10380BK Dual Clamping Servo Horn. This will give you the extra clamping power you need when going in this direction.


Finally, remove the stock receiver from the electronics box and position it directly behind the Servo securing it with servo tape. Make all the necessary connections exactly the same from the speed controller and the servo.


Make sure you test your radio equipment before making your initial test run, adjusting the speed controller & servo trim as needed for proper running.

In this build, I have upgraded from the Power Stroke Shocks included with the PRO-2 Kit to the optional 6308-30 Front / 6308-31 Rear 12mm Big Bore Pro-Spec Shocks. The Stock included Powerstroke shocks work great, but the Pro-Spec’s are a little less friction with a little more capacity.

If extreme hard core bashing is your thing, there are heavy duty suspension components available from the New PRO-MT which interchange with most all Slash or ProTrac suspension components. Parts like the 6262-05 HD PRO-MT Rear Hub carriers (Must us with the 6262-06 Splined HD axle kit) or the 6255-00 Aluminum Caster Blocks, 6067-01 PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack and alot more. Visit our Short Course Performance Parts section of our web site for more information on these upgrade products.



Painting not your thing? Check out our assortment of Pre-Painted body’s for the PRO-2 like the 3355-13, 3355-14, 3355-15, and 3355-16 Flo-Tek body’s or the 3366-13 Flo-Tek F150 Raptor body used in this article.
This is just a small starting point from our wide selection of parts so get on-line today and check out everything we have to offer. Also check out our wide variety of Short Course wheels and tires!

Pro-Line has everything you need to upgrade your Stock Slash SC truck into an awesome PRO-2 ground pounding fine tuned SC machine!


We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineracing.com
Be sure to check out everything we have to offer at prolineracing.com