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“My Pro-Line PRO-MT

I need some advice, there isn’t anyone who has pegged the best electronics system for bashing with the new pro-line pro mt and proclaimed it as such. I just ordered a kit and there aren’t even any recommendations on their website. I know you reviewed it with a castle mamba max pro sct with 1410 series 3800 kv motor. It looks like you guys have driven a few of them though. Was this the best system you have used in the truck, and if not, what would you recommend. Backyard bashing, just a good all around speed and torque system is what we are looking for. For my 11 year old (good driver) and myself. Any advice would be great.



Cubby– Congrats there Brian T, you are officially the coolest basher on the planet, or at the very least you have just won “Letter of the Month”. I would like to say you had an excellent question, but I think I answered one very similar last week. Anyways, shoot us your snail mail so we can send ya a way-super-dope BSRC t-shirt.

So… what is the preferred power combo for the Pro-Line PRO-MT? That depends on several factors. If you were racing on a small indoor track I would recommend a 550 sensored system. That type of system will generally have a buttery smooth bottom end with more than enough top-end for most indoor tracks.

However… most people are gonna bash the daylights out of the PRO-MT, that’s why we typically recommend high wattage systems that can handle high-cell counts. If you are on a budget and don’t plan on running high cell counts… I would recommend the Castle SV3 with a Castle 1410 3800. We’ve driven this system a lot in the PRO-MT and it is rock solid on 2S, supplying plenty of wheelie pop’n, backflip’n power, that doesn’t run too hot when geared properly.

If you plan on mostly running higher cell counts and are looking for truly crazy power, I would highly recommend a Castle Mamba Pro SCT on a Castle 1415. This is the set-up we ran during demos at iHobby and at various other times during testing. Power is exceptional (<- understatement) on 3-6S, motor temps are lower than expected, and the drive-line on the PRO-MT can handle the power if you properly set the slipper for the insane power level.

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