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Kyle McBride Wins at Reedy Race of Champions on Pro-Line Electrons


Being my first Reedy Race of Champions and not ever doing much 1:10 racing in the past, I was going in not expecting too much out of the race.

The atmosphere at the OCRC was awesome and I got along really well with everyone at the Team Associated Team. My qualifying went better than expected after all 4 rounds in the Open 2WD & 4WD class. I was 2nd in 2WD and TQ in 4WD.


Both my B44.3 and B5M vehicles were feeling really good. I was still trying to adapt to driving 2WD at this level and was slowly getting better and better each race.

My Reedy equipment ran perfectly the whole weekend with no dramas, my Pro-Line Electron Tires in my 4WD were amazing the entire week.

A1 of 2WD: I got a great start and got into the lead in this race and cruised to a fairly easy victory and the car felt awesome!

A1 of 4WD: It was a rough start with guys going hard in the beginning but I managed to keep my lead the whole way and slowly make a gap to take a good win in A1 of 4WD.

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A2 of 2WD: I needed to win the race to get the overall and it would be a tie break between me and another driver. I started off not too bad but made a mistake and dropped to 3rd. I managed to get back to the lead after the two drivers ahead of me made mistakes but then went on to make some more mistakes to drop back to 3rd again. I felt I made a bad tire choice with choosing to run with tires that were too bald which affected the handling of my car too much (I’ll learn for next time). I ended up with 2nd overall in 2WD which I was still quite pleased with.

A2 of 4WD: This was a successful race as I got to cruise to a nice win with about a 7-8-second lead over 2nd to take the overall win in 4WD Open!

I just want to personally thank Team Associated and Reedy for having me for this race and it was a great experience and successful debut for me in my 1:10 scale racing.

A big thank you to Pro-Line and Daniel for the support the whole week and for the 4WD Tires that got the overall win.

I look forward to racing The Invitational in the years to come!

Kindest Regards,

Kyle McBride

Photos Provided by RedRC.net